About Jay Bartlett

Jay is simply a trophy of God’s love as he has been rescued by the Lord Jesus. Jay oversees the global efforts of Jay Bartlett Missions, that is focused on proclaiming the love of Jesus to the world. God has bestowed upon this global mission an extraordinary ability to gently guide individuals into the heavenly realms where thousands are encountering the risen Jesus and experiencing numerous heavenly wonders.


For more than 30 years, Jay, has been committed to proclaim God's love and to demonstrate His love through the healing and deliverance ministry. Spanning 6 continents, the mission has reached millions, in nearly 200 nations around the globe. As a result, Jay, has endured some thrilling and memorable moments:

By God’s sustaining power Jay has endured a physical attack in front of the Notre Dame in Paris, being detained in Nigeria, ministered, while under constant surveillance, in Islamic dominated Pakistan, performed public exorcisms in Trinidad, battled voodoo priests in Haiti, ministered in the infamous De Wallen underworld of Amsterdam, threatened by demons in China, suffered brutal strikes to the head from a demonized individual during a Canadian seminar, attacked by demons in a Bangkok Hindu temple, stopped by the police after preaching the gospel to more then 10,000 souls in Times Square in New York City, and was verbally assaulted by Turkish Muslims while preaching Jesus in the UK.

Moreover, Jay has conducted public exorcisms in Mayan villages in Latin America, was threatened at a Nation of Islam conference in America, proclaimed the gospel to thousands at a midnight open air meeting in El Salvador, survived a prison riot in Africa, stabbed in front of a Methodist Church in Dallas, ministered in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, preached Christ in front of voodoo temples in Western Africa, received angelic assistance in a Anglican Church, during an exorcism, in Australia, proclaimed Christ to tens of thousands during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, confronted Nazi spiritual forces in Germany, shared the gospel in Rasta bars in Jamaica, unjustly arrested, jailed and interrogated by armed animists in the Republic of Benin.

Born in New York and raised in South Florida, Jay committed his life to Jesus as a teenager after reading a booklet by Dr. Billy Graham and soon surrendered to God's call to enter the gospel ministry. A few months later, Jay experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit which has empowered his service to Christ --- extending into nearly 200 nations and territories of the world thus impacting millions.

Upon answering the call of God, Jay prepared initially for ministry, by attending a Christian university, studying Sacred Scripture, theology and the biblical languages. He is a graduate of the Criswell College in Dallas, Texas where he received his degree in Biblical Studies. Jay also received additional training from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in South Florida.

Open Air Evangelist & Speaker

For more than 30 years Jay has traveled the globe, in nearly 75 nations, pursing the call that God had placed upon his life as a teenager to publicly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has proclaimed the gospel on the streets and in open air meetings all over North America and the world resulting in a multitude of conversions to Christ. Jay has conducted thousands of missions and God is pleased to display His miracle working power in these meetings thus confirming His WORD.

For a few years, Jay was honored to a be one of the featured speakers at one of the world's largest Salvation Army chapels, where jammed-packed audiences witnessed the astounding miracles of Jesus. From crowded halls to standing room only auditoriums, Jay, has consistently shared the love of Jesus with enthusiastic and awed crowds throughout the world.




Jay has written nearly 70 publications that have been distributed throughout the world. His 577 page volume on miracles has gained global attention and inspired the Body of Christ to believe all things are possible with God. Many of his publications have been translated into multiple languages.

Freedom Fighter International Training Center


Some years ago, while in San Diego, California, the Holy Spirit prompted Jay to develop a training center that will equip disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in preaching the gospel, casting out demons, curing the sick, and healing the brokenhearted. Moreover, the training center would provide a unique spiritual education to empower the followers of Jesus to perform extraordinary miracles: to raise the dead, to extract cursed objects, and to utilize holy angels in ministry.  With a heart to see generations of disciples rise up to become Freedom Fighters, Jay, has seen God use the global training center to equip mass numbers on 6 continents. 

Media Outlets, Podcasting, Radio and Television Appearances


Jay has appeared on a number of radio and television programs throughout the world. International media reports have included Germany, Russia, Australia, France, Guatemala, Canada and many other nations across the globe. For many years, Jay hosted a popular live radio talk show which aired throughout the world reaching mass numbers with the message of the cross of Jesus. Several television networks and media outlets have also sought (or featured) to produce documentaries about his work, including:


-British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 

-UK's Daily Mail

-SBS (Australian National Television)


-Drudge Report


-Lifetime Channel

-National Geographic

-History Channel

-CBS Television (US)

-Dozens of other media outlets

Currently, Jay hosts a global podcast, "Deliverance with Jay Bartlett," on a New Jersey-based radio network. Jay is also currently President of the Good News Podcast Network, based in Southern California, which provides the "Deliverance with Jay Bartlett" podcast to nearly every major podcast distribution channel.



God called Jay, soon after his conversion to Christ, to a ministry of casting out of demons. Jay was initially introduced to the ministry of exorcism, as a teenager, while listening to famed exorcist, Bob Larson, on the radio, nearly 35 years ago, in South Florida. That exposure and training eventually launched Jay, throughout the nations of the world, as an exorcist.


Jay has conducted tens of thousands of private and public exorcisms throughout the world resulting in tens of thousands of free individuals. By the power of the holy atoning blood of Jesus, Jay has survived numerous assassination attempts by sadistic sects, who have conspired against the exorcism ministry. Jay also ministers to those suffering from dissociation and those escaping satanic ceremonial trauma. He has conducted a number of clandestine rescue missions to assist those victimized by occult groups, drug cartels and criminal syndicates.


Ministry of Miracles


Jay has personally witnessed and been involved in tens of thousands of miracles, over the years, all over the globe. The greatest being the salvation of a lost soul. Over the years the Holy Spirit has empowered Jay to raise the dead, expel millions of evil demons, heal countless diseased, afflicted, sick individuals, and has experienced other extraordinary miracles such as ministering with holy angels, Holy Spirit-inspired translocation, calling down fire from heaven, removing animals from bodies, seeing the ascended Jesus, encountering eucharistic miracles, utilizing sacred objects to deliver souls and taking divine authority over the elements.


Personal Life


Though Jay stays busy with the evangelistic and exorcism ministry, he does enjoy living life outside of his intensive ministry with his family and friends. He enjoys riding motorcycles, white water canoeing, driving a speed boat, golfing, sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, body boarding, playing chess, tennis outings, jet skiing, traveling, hiking the mountains, mountain biking in Alaska, jumping off water falls in Jamaica, observing people and taking train and boat rides throughout the world. Jay currently resides and pastors the Jesus Church in sunny Southern California and beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia

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