Jesus Church & Church of the Cross Mission

Mission: To glorify God by proclaiming the love of Jesus, casting out demons, healing the sick, healing those broken in heart and equipping the church. As part of the universal church, we labor alongside disciples who worship God --the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are firmly committed to our mission, beliefs and distinctions. 

We are currently connected with approximately 50 missions throughout the world. Many of these are 'Associated Churches' which are pre-existing congregations and groups that has chosen to fellowship with the Church of the Cross. If you would like more information or desire to be ordained please contact our offices at 877-483-5519.

Jesus Church & Church of the Cross Beliefs

Beliefs: We embrace, as a global mission, the essentials of the faith including the triune nature of God, the virgin birth, the sinless life, the shedding of holy blood, the death on a cross, the burial, the resurrection, the ascension and second coming of Jesus and that justification is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus --God in the flesh.


As a global Jesus mission, where we have a presence in nearly 200 nations of the world, our primary focus is on proclaiming Jesus and His love. We are dedicated to ensuring the Lord Jesus Christ is front and center in all that we do. In John 15:5 Jesus tells us very clearly, "Apart from Me you can do nothing." 

Jesus Church & Church of the Cross Distinictives

Church of the Cross Distinctions: We embrace and promote the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the sacramental life of the church which are signs of the sacred (Holy Communion, Marriage, Anointing of the Sick & Rite of Exorcism, Confirmation, Baptism, Holy Orders, and Reconciliation). 


-In Holy Communion we embrace the participation of the Body and Blood of Jesus.

-In Marriage we embrace the promotion of this sacrament that speaks of the loving union between a husband and a wife.

-In the Anointing of the Sick/Rite of Exorcism we embrace the need to extend the miraculous power of the Lord Jesus to those sick and afflicted by evil spirits.

-In Confirmation we embrace the need to deepen the walk of the disciples of Jesus with a knowledge of who they are in Him.

-In Baptism we embrace the need of disciples to outwardly reveal their commitment to God in this sacrament.

-In Holy Orders we embrace the need to ordain those called by God to the ministry of the gospel.

-In Reconciliation we embrace the need of believers in Christ to forgive one another as Christ forgave us. 

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