Idolatry & Dissociation: Human Sacrifice in Early Germanic, Arab, Turkic, Inuit, American, Austr

In the Torah, Moses warned the people of God, there should be no one who participated in the evil pagan practices of those nations surrounding them. In Deuteronomy 18 Moses wrote that no one should pass one's son or daughter into the fire (v. 10). This was a ancient form of child sacrifice.

Throughout the ages and generations, numerous nations and people groups participated in human sacrifice. This has been clearly prove again and again. In fact, recently National Public Radio (NPR) reported on a study that bears out the reality that human sacrifice was participated by many in various cultures around the world. The title of the study: "Human Sacrifice Is Linked To Social Hierarchies In New Study."

"After comparing dozens of societies, the researchers found that ritualized human sacrifice was far more common in highly stratified societies than it was in egalitarian societies. Noting the high level of overlap between religious and political sectors in the societies, the scientists write, "human sacrifice may have been co-opted by elites as a divinely sanctioned means of social control."

So, once again, human sacrifice was practiced and indulged. The researchers examined more then 93 ancient cultures. They also reported on how these ceremonies were played out:

"As for how the sacrifices were carried out, the list includes "burning, drowning, strangulation, bludgeoning, burial, being crushed under a newly built canoe, being cut to pieces, as well as being rolled off the roof of a house and then decapitated."

In each and every human sacrifice there was the victim (who no doubt experienced dissociation) and many bystanders who witnessed the brutality. They also experienced dissociation. As you can see, not only was a life taken away but many hearts were shattered and crushed by the sadism and evil practices.

These heart parts were, in most cases, captured by nearby and indwelling demons. These heart parts who now hold extreme horror and pain are now in many bloodlines around the world. We discover many people we ministered to have these ancient soul parts and demons. We need to intervene and rescue soul parts and expel ancient idolatrous demons.

The researchers concluded that the "The study is the latest modern attempt to understand the cultural role played by human sacrifices - rituals in which people were killed in the name of a supernatural entity. As the researchers note, such practices are known to have taken place "in early Germanic, Arab, Turkic, Inuit, American, Austronesian, African, Chinese and Japanese cultures."

Because human sacrifice was participated globally, dissociation rooted in blood ritualism, will be located in every people group on earth. As you can see, there is an urgency to intervene and rescue souls from sin, demons, death and dissociation in Jesus name!



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