71 Years of Demons Stopped in Vancouver

Recently in our extremely powerful seminars in British Columbia we encountered so many souls needing deliverance from evil spirits. Moreover, so many souls needing deep inner healing.

(We will be returning in September by God's grace. More details forthcoming. We will conduct seminars in New Westminster, Surrey, Vancouver and Victoria)

One such individual was Vern, pictured above, post deliverance! What he encountered that night in Vancouver could be aptly described as epic. Seventy-one years of age and committed to Jesus Christ. Married to his wife for more then 50 years, Vern was a precious disciple who had been attending our seminars in recent years. I never noticed anything unusual about this strong man. In fact, I kind of ignored him, in a sense, during our ministry times, as I didn't see him needing deliverance and healing. How wrong I was.

I just concluded the evening teaching from the WORD and was about to take a break to get some water. Then Vern came up to me, with his wife, and immediately shared how he was under immense spiritual attack. His wife spoke out:

"Jay, Vern was in the back of the hall shaking horribly. I think there's a young boy within him that's shaking."

Well, she was right. There was. I spoke to the young boy. He shook terribly. I immediately guided him to Jesus. The shaking stopped but then a demon rose up within him.

In old crackling eerie voice, in fact, in a woman's voice, a witch surfaced and spoke to me. It was his grandmother who participated in witchcraft. She was forced out in Jesus name. It goes much deeper.

Surprise, surprise, JEZEBEL was there. She wanted to hold Vern.

"I've had that little boy for years! I have been in this body for 71 years!" Jezebel announced to me as everyone returned from break and this was now becoming a public exorcism, "We hold his apostolic gifts."

APOSTOLIC GIFTS! No wonder they were so deeply hidden. They didn't want to be exposed lest they may be forced to release his apostolic gifts. I commanded the gifts to be released and the demons to enter the pit in Jesus name! They left his body and mind. What transpired next was stunning!

Vern came back to full consciousness FREED! The Holy Spirit came upon him and fired him like i have rarely seen before. 71 years of bondage was GONE! He was a NEW man --as if he was 31 years old! He was being filled with youthfulness (many were saying he looked like a young buff man), vigor, energy, and holy power on High! We watched as the Holy Spirit filled him with FIRE! I anointed him as an apostle and set him apart for the Kingdom of God!

My brother, Vern, you are an apostle of King Jesus, GO forth and preach the gospel and carrying on signs and wonders in His name! It was one the most powerful ordinations we have witnessed!

That was only one of many dozens and dozens of miracles we witnessed in British Columbia recently. We are seeing amazing works taking place in our West Coast seminars and missions.

Some of our largest public seminars (our seminars are still small compared to our massive open air engagements), as of right now, are taking place on the West Coast of North America --in California and in British Columbia specifically. Many hundreds have been set free from demons and miraculously healed in our public meetings this year in just those two areas alone. The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully with signs and wonders!

As most of you know, I'm not confined to those areas. I have traveled to much of America, visiting dozens of major cities, in these past 6 months of this year, reaching thousands for Jesus Christ!

We have, for example, held some very powerful seminars on the East Coast in Baltimore, Maryland and in Atlanta, Georgia, where many were cured of diseases and liberated from demons. I feel the Holy Spirit is ever wanting me to continue to reach all of the major cities in America and the world (will be traveling to Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa & the Middle East in coming months) with the good news of Jesus! However, I really sense amazing supernatural activity taking place in British Columbia and in California.

It's funny as I travel the country many Americans consider California as a spiritual wasteland however I see God moving powerfully with many signs, wonders and miracles in this great state of California. As some of you know, Elizabeth is a native Californian and I was ordained into the gospel ministry here. Moreover, our global mission office is based here and we spend considerable time here throughout the year. Consider:

Numerous souls SAW Jesus and holy angels in our recent seminars in British Columbia & California. Jesus actually appeared to many and souls encountered His power. Astounding!

Our seminars are filled with incredible Jesus power where many souls are experiencing immediate deliverance from demonic bondage by merely being present in the hall.

Many are experiencing immediate healing and relief as they participate in our meetings.

Thousands of soul invaders, dissociative identities, ancestral dissociative identities are being reached and exposed to the light of Jesus.

One disciple we ministered to recently had millions of fragmented mind parts that was miraculously healed (more on this reality soon in our teaching segments).

Numerous extraordinary miracles including the work of holy angelic beings in our seminars and meetings, the calling upon the fire of God, the strong presence of the Holy Spirit, Holy Communion miracles and so much more.

I'm humbled to see the power of God at work in our meetings. We are still adding and working on ministry schedule for the coming weeks and months. Suffice to say, we are very excited about the work of Jesus in our midst.

Here in a few weeks we will be back in Los Angeles, California, conducting powerful "Supernatural Jesus" seminars. I recently met up with the pastor and he was very excited about hosting the meetings and would like to consistently hold more seminars in the months to come.


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