Baltimore: Crowded Hall Witness Jesus Conquering Millions of Violent Demons!

From South Florida I traveled onward to Baltimore, Maryland where I'm conducting a series of seminars with the hopes of encouraging the Body of Christ, to teach the WORD, to cast out demons, heal the sick and heal those broken in heart! Interestingly enough, over the years, some of our strongest support comes from this city. We generally have good crowds, great participation and wonderful ministry here. There is a openness here which encourages me and allows for JESUS miracles to take place!

Earlier tonight, we had another jammed packed hall. Nearly every seat was taken and I expect even more people tonight! Individuals and families came in from all over the region to receive deliverance and healing. So many shared testimonies how this JESUS mission has impacted their lives over the years. I was greatly humbled to hear this. My heart is full.

Even afte partaking of the Holy Communion souls were being set free from oppression and demonic bondages. As I was leading everyone in some prayers to break generational curses numerous demons were surfacing. One such individual was this young lady, pictured with me above, who just arrived into this country a few weeks ago and God brought her here to receive deliverance and healing. Many demons convulsed within her and they manifested with great amount of violence.

They twisted her body, she fell to the ground and withered with great spiritual force from within her. Numerous demons of witchcraft, ancient idolatry, Jezebel, spirit husband, sickness, oppression, death and many others surfaced and spoke to me. They wanted to stay within her --including some warlocks that had gained access into her body and mind. They were forced out in the name of Jesus!

The demons at one point had her slithering around on the ground and on all fours like an animal. I commanded the demons to stand up. I also asked the holy angels to assist me too. They placed her in a chair and I began battling the demons. I asked for the holy angels to draw out their swords and strike the many demons within her. The demons reacted in great agony and pain. The angels were greatly weakening them and the demons were submitting to King Jesus!

"We bring sickness, pain, diseases within her. We entered because her family participated in witchcraft, idol-worship and blood sacrifices," the demons confessed, "There are millions of us within her!"

I commanded the demons out of her body and mind in the name of Jesus and they entered the abyss! Immediately, she was set free and felt some tremendous freedom and healing. It was beautiful to behold! She screamed out thanking Jesus for her newfound FREEDOM! She also testified of feeling healed and restored. She was so happy afterwards.


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