Dedicated to be Bride of Satan, Now Freed Daughter of King Jesus!

I have so many supernatural stories to share. It's been challenging to keep up with all of the miraculous wonders that are taking place here in Australia. Hundreds of lives are being transformed by seeing the miracles of Jesus, hearing the testimonies, and receiving the teaching from the WORD! Many are approaching me and telling me they have NEVER seen anything like this before --phenomenal displays of God's power over evil and setting the captives free!

It's been an astounding weekend of seminars and meetings here in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, where I have been ministering to many souls needing deliverance and healing. We have been extremely busy with the ministry and witnessing amazing New Testament power encounters in our midst.

A few nights ago, while teaching, at a public hall, I noticed Belle, pictured with me above. I noticed the evil spirits being angered by the spiritual pressure being applied to them as I taught from the WORD and proclaimed the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She shared with everyone that earlier in her life she had been dedicated in a witchcraft ritual to be a Bride of Satan by a group of sorcerers and had been exposed to the dark arts of the devil. She was hurting. I could see it. I wanted to see her FREE!

As I approached this young woman, who was sitting with her husband, pictured with me above also, demons surfaced. They didn't want to let go of her. They held claims to her and tried to keep this woman from getting free but JESUS...

"We have been here for many years. We came from her ancestors when they arrived on the First Fleet!," the evil demons revealed to me, "We attack her constantly. We afflict her."

Very interesting. I'm not very aware of the historical origins of Australia however I discovered that the "First Fleet" was a group of ships that came from Great Britain, in the 18th Century, that landed in Australia. Their arrival brought forth the founding of the first European settlement on this continent. So, the demons within Belle, informed me that they had been on this land for hundreds of years with the arrival of the first settlers (one of whom were her ancestor).

Numerous evil spirits surfaced including Jezebel, Death, Witchcraft and a group of demons named Lucifer who were the Strongmen within her bloodline. These demons were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus. We also discovered these demons were also attacking her children (who were present too). We commanded the demons to leave the young children and they were freed too.

As these wicked spirits departed we discovered Belle had some dissociative identities --very little heart parts. There was a 4 year old, a 6 year old, a 12 year old, and others. I spoke with them and sent them to Jesus for comfort and healing. They were able to SEE Jesus and a glorious horse that He provided for them to enjoy. Astounding. God is a GIVER of good gifts!

These little ones and Belle were able to SEE JESUS! I was deeply encouraged to hear what Jesus said to them, to tell me. Essentially, Jesus was pleased with me and He was proud of me. HA! Love it. God is approving of the work we are conducting throughout the world. I'm honored and humbled.

After her deliverance and after the heart parts were rejoined, supernaturally, with her heart, Belle was so happy. She just smiled and smiled. She was freed and restored. Many in the audience were encouraged by her exorcism.

Yesterday, she shared of her transformation. In fact, many in the audience were present because of her testimony. They were powerfully touched by her life and her testimony. I was told she is telling so many of her miraculous deliverance and healing. I believe this woman will be a powerful evangelist and public speaker. She is very well composed and possesses a strong commanding voice for God.


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