Miraculous Movement in British Columbia

Back in September we were in British Columbia and what we witnessed was epic. Allow me to share a miracle report I sent last month while there (we are returning in a few weeks in mid-November):

I'm sitting here, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, writing this update, in awe. In awe of God's supernatural power over the course of the past week, while here in British Columbia, conducting seminars and personal ministry sessions in New Westminster, Surrey, Vancouver and Victoria --extending the miraculous ministry of Jesus to hundreds of souls.

I just completed two more personal ministry sessions after driving into Vancouver. Earlier today we boarded a ship in Victoria, Vancouver Island to come back here for more ministry. Our seminar in Victoria went well. Many demons and soul invaders were expelled, hearts healed and Jesus was glorified.

We are in the midst of a miraculous movement here in British Columbia whereby powerful public exorcisms and inner healing miracles (and other healing miracles) are taking place and the church is being revived. Yes, we preached the WORD but we also tasted of the powers of the age to come. Consider:

  • Conducted dozens and dozens of exorcisms resulting in many individuals and families freed from demons

  • In nearly every seminar souls were won to Jesus Christ

  • Hundreds received teaching from the WORD and were equipped to engage in effective spiritual warfare

  • Hundreds witnessed the miraculous wonders of the Holy Spirit for the very first time

  • In every seminar we encountered soul invaders and heart parts --the heart parts miraculously healed and the soul invaders removed in Jesus name

  • Many hours of angelic miracles whereby holy angels came into the meeting hall and assisted me in battling numerous demons --leaving audiences stunned and in awe of God's power

  • Numerous ancestral heart parts removed and healed by God

  • Numerous souls witnessed the appearance of the Risen Savior

  • Many hours of utilizing holy objects such as the cross of deliverance and holy oil to drive out demons and heal afflictions

  • Dozens of souls physically healed of various kinds of pains, afflictions and infirmities

Those are ten quick items I could recall. There were many other miraculous events. I n our nearly 30 years of gospel ministry this latest Canadian mission was our largest one to date. I was astonished to see the crowds that we had in each of our services. For example, in Surrey, we doubled our expectations. In New Westminster, we quadrupled our expectations. In Vancouver, on the last night, the larger spacious conference hall was jammed packed. We will need a hall that seats, perhaps, hundreds.

Many are encouraging me to start a mission in British Columbia --we believe God is desiring this. So, we will. We just need to figure out some logistics and dates. We will be back soon for a 7-day intensive event schedule! More details forthcoming.Grateful for your prayers and financial support.

While here in British Columbia, we were also reaching the WORLD! The Australian exorcism documentary that we participated in, some weeks ago in Sydney, was broadcasted and hundreds of thousands (or perhaps millions) were reached with the power of cross of Jesus! Moreover, other media outlets picked up the story including the US-BASED MEDIA POWERHOUSE --the Drudge Report that attracts more then 30+ million viewers daily. We were able to expose millions this week alone to the gospel and the power of the cross of Jesus over evil! We were able to reach more souls this week then we ever have before since I started preaching the good news of Jesus as a teenager. God all the glory and praise!

Speaking of the power of the cross of Jesus! It was on full display in our last Vancouver seminar where we were able to rescue, by God's grace, a young lady (pictured with me above), who attended our evening service. After the explosive seminar ended she approached me for some brief prayer --seeking God's guidance for her life.

I prayed for her. Her body began to shake violently. Her head rocked back and forth and numerous demons violently reacted to my intercession. The demons spoke out of her and said with a very loud noise: NO!!!!!!

All of a sudden everyone came back into the meeting hall and and noticed the commotion. Then demons threw her unto the ground and for the next hour or so I ended up battling very aggressive and violent evil spirits. Now, take a glance at her again --the picture above. This young university student was a sweet soul yet residing within her were vicious demons. We discovered that in her ancestral bloodline was unresolved idolatry that had not been properly dealt with. I confronted the demons with the power of the cross. They cried out in agony --just SEEING the cross. They were petrified of it.

Furthermore, I utilized the fire of God, the blood of Jesus, blessed water, oil and the holy angels of God. They came in mass numbers and for a very long time they assisted me in spiritual warfare. It was violent, aggressive and vicious. The holy angels restrained the demons, picked her off the ground upon command, and many other beautiful acts of mercy on her behalf. Jesus conquered the demons and brought victory.

After a long protracted battle, the demons were defeated and were commanded into the pit. Many heart parts were miraculously healed too. Moreover, her eyesight (she was wearing glasses prior to the exorcism) improved after casting out the demons and commanding healing in her eyes. She remarked that her eyesight was actually clearing up and could see more clearly without the aid of her glasses. She was very happy afterwards and relieved.


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