Supernatural Surprises in San Diego

I'm currently overlooking the gorgeous harbor here in sunny San Diego, California, reflecting upon the mighty works of Jesus last night during our Supernatural Jesus Seminar. Everyone was in awe to see the amount of demons that surfaced and were expelled. Yes, souls were freed from demons but also from soul invaders too. Many hearts were, also, restored. Furthermore, some souls were saved by Jesus Christ as a few people repented of their sins and called upon God for salvation!

One of the individuals I ministered to last night was this young precious lady, pictured above, originally from Cambodia, who had been seeking some deliverance and healing. She located our mission and came, last night, to our seminar. As I approached her, many demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. They froze her and needed the assistance and intervention of God's holy angels to literally move her from the back of the hall to the front so I could effectively minister to her. As the holy angels supernaturally moved her, the demons tried to oppose me. I fought back and used the powerful blood of Jesus to defeat these demons. The demons were disgusted at the Holy Communion cup and looked away in utter horror. The cup of salvation was, clearly, having an affect on these vicious demons. As the demons were weakened we discovered they had been in her bloodline for thousands of years because her ancestors participated in paganism and idolatry. These ancestral curses were broken in the authority of Jesus Christ and the unclean spirits were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards and testified feeling light! She looked transformed.

We also ministered to other souls in the meeting hall, including a young Christian couple who had been having difficulty with their marriage, namely the wife wanting to be the leader and the head! The Word tells us that the husband is the "head of the wife." Husbands need to love their wives, then the wives need to submit to their husbands. Rebellion to this Scriptural principle allows Jezebel to invade a marriage and to break up a marriage. Kelly and Greg were being horribly attacked and needed immediate intervention. So, as the demons of Jezebel were surfacing from within Kelly, I asked Greg to assist me. He had great difficulty doing so. In fact, he couldn't even pray with me, for his very own wife. It was horrible to watch --to the degree the demons were in control of this man. Greg was infested with fear.

Eventually the demons rose up from within Greg. They were furious with me and wanted to wage war against me. They were murderous and violent. At one point the demon told me it had a weapon.

"We are going to strike you with this dagger! the demons informed me as they clenched their fists and were able to direct their attack upon me, "We will stop you!"

I immediately directed the fire of the Holy Spirit of God to rest upon the clenched fist and the spiritual dagger was dropped. God prevented any violence from taking place as all of the demons were bound in the name of Jesus! As we ministered to Greg, little dissociative identities surfaced and they were swiftly led to Jesus for healing.

Moreover, other little hearts parts were guided to the Savior. However, not only were there little heart parts within Greg but also 2 soul invaders --his very own mother and father. I spoke to both of them. They loved their son and Jesus. They wanted to be within him to control him. I explained this is not permissible --they could not be allowed to stay within him. They understood and they were sent out of his mind and body.Many demonic spirits surfaced from within this man and they tried their very hardest to stop me. I called upon the holy angels of God and they assisted me greatly in weakening the invading demons. The holy angels struck the demons and the power of the cross caused the demons to groan and moan in defeat.

In fact, at one point, the demons, were mystified, puzzled and baffled at the power of the cross. I had the demons look upon the cross and commanded them to touch it --they couldn't. The demons tried, with all of their strength, to touch the cross but couldn't. The cross of Christ is superior to all other powers! This is was clearly demonstrated last night here in beautiful San Diego! One other amazing and surprising aspect of last's night's seminar was the fact that Greg, by virtue of being one with his wife ("the two shall became one flesh"), had been invaded by his wife --Kelly. She actually surfaced from within her own husband and spoke to me with her mannerisms. Everyone in the meeting hall was in awe! She explained to me, speaking through her husband's vocal cords, that she needed to be the leader, as he refused to be the leader. This discussion went on for some time.

As I spoke to Kelly, I was looking at Greg. In other words, Kelly was surfacing from within Greg. Very strange supernatural phenomena we have seen many times before. Even for me, I see these kinds of unique supernaturalism all the time, but it's surreal to experience. There is a collision of two words in our seminars --the seen and unseen realms-- there is much more to this reality then meets the eyes. Eventually, Kelly agreed she couldn't be within her husband to control him, she I commanded her out and guided her back to her body and mind.

Greg was powerfully set free from many demons and soul invaders. Moreover, his heart was healed. He testified of feeling so much better as a result of last night's meeting. His wife even testified of feeling better too. More ministry needs to take place, in both of their lives, however, both were set free from a multitude of demons including Jezebel, death, numerous spirits of Lucifer and fear. It seems like our San Diego seminars are always dramatic and filled with supernatural surprises!


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