San Diego: Young People Witness Exorcisms & Participate!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This last seminar in Southern California was amazing: souls freed from Satan, many hearts healed, sicknesses and diseases cured, soul invaders removed and lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ! Can it get any better? LOVE IT!

As you know we are about proclaiming Jesus as not only a truly real historical person (God in the flesh) but also a supernatural person for He is a miracle-working God. While the modern church, sadly, seeks to minimize this reality, I feel compelled to allow Jesus to work His wondrous miracles in our midst. He is pleased to do so.

On Sunday night, in beautiful San Diego, California, we conducted another Supernatural Jesus: Removing Demons & Healing Hearts Seminar before a jammed packed meeting hall. Some individuals and families travelled great distances to be present. Many were set free from demonic oppression by simply being present in the meeting. I was able to minister to many hurting people and witnessed Jesus healing many broken hearts.

Moreover, I had the very honor and distinction to lead souls to salvation in Jesus including this beautiful family, pictured with me above, who came to the seminar curious about exorcisms. In fact, Noah, pictured to the far left, with the great smile, had been seeking God and was wondering if he needed deliverance from demonic spirits. So, he came with his sister and brother.

As I presented the good news of Jesus, I could tell their hearts were being touched by the love of God so I asked Noah if he was ready to be born-again and he indicated he was ready so I brought him to the front and he surrendered his life to Jesus. I also noticed his brother and sister also prayed along to receive Jesus as Savior.

Immediately, Noah, smiled and revealed he could feel peace in his life. I was so happy to see more souls brought into the Kingdom of God. Furthermore, all three were impacted as we began to perform public exorcisms. In fact, all three had never seen anything supernatural like this before and were astonished at the power of God. They participated and enjoyed seeing souls free from satanic bondage. They stayed all night long watching and participated ---astonished by the power of Jesus. In fact, the young sister, pictured with me above, asked me a series of questions afterwards amazed at the miracles.

Most of those receiving deliverance on this night were teenagers and young people. I truly believe this up and coming generation will do even greater works then the previous generation for the cause of Christ. Conducting public exorcisms is a powerful tool to wake up a generation, a community, a family to the spiritual realities of superior powers of the Lord Jesus! That's exactly what happened in San Diego.

One of the highlights of the night was watching a 13 year old young man find deliverance from demons and then watching the young teenager assisting me in driving out demons from his mother. Exciting! After teaching from the WORD, I noticed the young man was being terribly attacked with torment and fear. I began to pray for him and immediately spirits of fear and torment surfaced and battled me. All of us battled back in the mighty name of Jesus.

They shook the young man's body and convulsed him greatly. We commanded the demonic spirits to release him and they did. Immediately the young man was so happy and testified of feeling GREAT! He couldn't stop laughing and smiling. I need to share more in my next update but needless to say he was FREED and HAPPY about his newfound freedom in God!

All night long, we drove out demons, extracted soul invaders and witnessed Jesus curing sicknesses and afflictions. Furthermore, many broken hearts were healed by Jesus. It was a wonderful night of Jesus miracles.


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