Memorable Miracles in Miami: Jesus Appeared!

In our last series of seminars, in every single meeting, we had the high honor to lead people to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! At our core we are evangelistic --proclaiming the good news of Jesus and guiding hurting hearts to the love of God! However, we do NOT stop there we also believe in carrying out the mighty ministry of healing and deliverance. Many souls were also set free from demonic bondages and many hearts supernaturally healed.

During our last service in Miami, a young lady, sitting with a friend in the back of the crowded hall, manifested some violent and aggressive demons. Some even surfaced and pushed me as they stormed to the front of the hall with clenched fists ready to engage me in a physical fight and warfare. These wicked Jezebel spirits, that surfaced from within her, were determined to stay within her.

"We are staying within her body and mind," the spirits informed me, "We are not leaving her! We hate you!"

We discovered that some of the demons had entered her bloodline as a result of ancestral involvement in Santeria, voodoo and witchcraft. Moreover, many of the demons had access to her because of some unholy soul ties she had created with some abusive men who were deeply involved in Satanism.

These men --soul invaders-- surfaced and were furious with me, for exposing them to the light go Jesus! As these soul invaders surfaced, everyone in the meeting hall were shocked! These soul invaders were actual warlocks and devotees of Santeria. They had placed love, sex and seduction spells upon her life. Some of them had actually programmed her to ensure her availability to them for sexual purposes. As all of this was being spiritually unearthed some strong sex spirits surfaced.

As the sex spirits manifested they swiftly took her to the side of the meeting hall and made her dance very seductively and provocatively. They even tried to take this young woman's clothes off of her body. I battled back and rebuked the demons. They submitted after some resistance. I forced them to look upon the risen Jesus! They trembled as they looked upon Christ! They could SEE Him! I also commanded all of these soul invaders to look upon Jesus too --they trembled also.

These men --these occultists and Satanists-- were surprised by the powers we demonstrated before them. When I brought out my cross they were stunned. They had never seen such a holy object before. They could barely touch the cross. I had the holy angels, who assisted me all night long, move their arms towards the cross to embrace it and as they did they fell to the ground in utter defeat.

Many demonic spirits were expelled, many heart parts were healed and many soul invaders were removed, from this young lady, in the name of Jesus! She was so relieved, happy and desires more ministry to further her life in Jesus!

Speaking of Jesus conquering over the powers of witchcraft and Santeria, while West Palm Beach, during our seminar, we encountered a young lady (pictured below), who sat to the left of me, who manifested powerful demons within her life. They surfaced with anger and fury.

"We have been here for thousands of years because her family indulged in false worship, they worshipped other gods," the invading demons forcefully revealed to me, "We are here to torment her, to afflict her with physical pains."

The demons were aggressive and waged war against me. I battled back and called forth the holy angels of God and they drew out their swords and struck the demons. The demonic spirits promptly fell to the ground and bowed to King Jesus (as seen above in picture)! They could SEE Him, He was in our presence in a tangible manner and His mere presence forced the enemies to bow to His Lordship! Every knee will, indeed, bow to Lord Jesus!

All of these wicked spirits were commanded out of her body and mind and immediately she was miraculously healed of all of her pains and torments! Jesus truly healed this woman and her heart.


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