God Told Her: Go to Jay Bartlett's Seminar! Result? Freedom!

God is blessing this global mission! He is telling people to come to our meeting. We must be doing something right if He is encouraging individuals to attend our seminars and services. I'm hearing this often. I'm humbled and honored. Thank you for praying for us and believing in us. Many are being impacted by this Jesus mission, like the beautiful lady pictured with me above, post deliverance.

She sat in the very front row last night, during my Vineyard of Harvest Church service, desperate for intervention and spiritual assistance. For years she had been tormented by evil, hearing them and being oppressed by them. She was determined to seek help. In her desperation, God heard her cries. First, she located and purchased a book written by one of our Freedom Fighter International Training Center's instructors, Rev. Qhubekani Nyathi, a Zimbabwe minister, located in Southern Africa, who has written some publications on the subject of spiritual warfare. In his most recent book, "Deliverance Unpacked" I wrote the forward and that is how Diana (pictured above) found me.

Then, suddenly, yesterday afternoon, God told her to come to my meeting in Walnut, California. She attended and the demons immediately manifested. They began to rock her head back and forth uncontrollably. They started to speak to her: "You are going to die!" They were terrorizing this woman. Thank God we were there at the Vineyard of Harvest Church last night so we could intervene in the name of Jesus!

As I taught from the WORD the demons continued to torture this woman. I battled back and called forth the holy angels of God. They swiftly arrived and assisted me. They made her move to the front of the hall so I could minister to her. The first group of demons surfaced and revealed much!

"We have been here a very long time," spirits of death boasted to me, "We are seeking to kill her too! We have killed most of her family. She's next!"

These dark forces of death were determined to destroy and kill this woman and her loved ones. In fact, the spirits boasted how they brought diseases, misfortune, war-time curses, and so many other troubles in her family. She had numerous spirits that knew the family bloodline very well. They knew exactly what they were doing. Moreover, they were willing to fight for her behalf.

The Body of Christ fought back. I brought out my cross and the spirits of death were petrified of the holy cross. They didn't want to even glance at it let alone be forced to embrace it. I firmly commanded the demons to touch the holy cross and the spirits greatly weakened. They bowed to Jesus. They were forced to release this woman's heart and body. As they let go, many little ones (dissociative identities) surfaced and were quickly guided to Jesus and were supernaturally healed. Moreover, we encountered a few soul invaders too. These invaders were removed in the mighty name of Jesus.

The demons at one point could even SEE the risen and ascended Lord Jesus and informed me that the Lord demanded they enter the abyss! In the name of Jesus, these spirits were directed to the abyss and this woman encountered a wonderful healing and deliverance. She testified afterwards of feeling so peaceful and light. LOVE IT!


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