Thousands of Years of Insanity Stopped in Jesus Name!

Astounding miracles are taking place in our public ministry events and I would highly encourage all of you to make your plans NOW to attend one of our upcoming meetings. We are updating our ministry schedule and many more cities and dates are being added. We have missions planned for British Columbia (starting February 7th), Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia planned in the coming months.

A few nights ago, in Pasadena, California, during our weekly Jesus Church service, stunning wonders were witnessed by those in attendance. Mass numbers of demonic spirits were commanded into the abyss, many heart parts healed, bodies restored, soul invaders expelled and hearts saved by Jesus!

I also need to add that ancient curses were broken in the name of Jesus! Throughout the Torah, Moses, warned the people of God of the realities of ancient transmitted evils. What your ancestors did, could potentially, affect your life. Thus the need to break generational evil. An Armenian disciple, pictured with me above, attended our services this weekend and was powerfully impacted by the ministry.

During the service, demons erupted within her life and she began to violently cough --numerous evil spirits were exiting her body and mind. Many demons named Nazi, death, madness and witchcraft were confronted and expelled in the name of Jesus.

I brought her to the front of the hall, at one point, and a evil soul invader surfaced from within her --her very own grandmother. She was a witch who practiced witchcraft and sorcery. She confessed to having denied the Lord Jesus and participating in the occult. She confessed that her body resided in Hell. Horrible.

By God's power, we expelled the grandmother out of her life. She left swiftly. Also many little heart parts were guided to Jesus for healing and felt the incredible love of God which she never encountered before in her life, amazing healing took place. She was so happy afterwards. Moreover, she was miraculously healed of various ailments and testified of her supernaturally healing. She was more then overjoyed!

During the exorcism, spirits of Insanity surfaced and boasted to me how they had controlled this family. The demons spoke forcefully to me:

"We have been here for thousands of years bringing madness and insanity!" the spirits named Insanity revealed to me, "No one ever stopped us before!"

By God's grace and power we were able to stop these wicked forces and she was wonderfully set free! She encountered the Lord Jesus and experienced a miraculous transformation. We need to reach many more millions with the good news of Jesus!


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