Vancouver: Triumphant Jesus Destroys Dragon & Blindness!

Loving the ministry here in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia where, last night, we witnessed King Jesus being triumphant over the powers of darkness. It was astounding what we witnessed during our meeting --numerous miraculous signs and wonders that brought glory to Jesus Christ!

I proclaimed the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered to those who needed spiritual intervention. One man who discovered our mission via the Internet and was determined to get free from demons was a man named Henry. His story really touched from heart. Originally from Columbia, South America and now residing in Vancouver, Henry had been living in a haunted home. He had been visited by ghosts. In fact, these ghosts would communicate with him and revealed their sickening desire to sodomize him. He was in trouble and sought after deliverance.

Sadly, he went to a number of churches and everyone turned him away. He ended up turning to a psychiatrist who simply doped him up with all kinds of medication with the hopes resolving his ghastly encounters with the demonic. The ghosts continued to torment him. It was God's grace that brought him to our service last night. Everyone was encouraged by his courage and his desire to wage spiritual warfare. This is why we are here to provide opportunities for people to find freedom in Jesus.

A number of people in our meeting encountered deliverance from evil spirits, curses and witchcraft. Moreover, a number of people experienced the healing touch of Jesus. One lady who was shocked to discover that she had demonic issues was the young lady, pictured with me above (with her friend who brought her), originally from Hong Kong.

As I began to pray with her evil spirits named idolatry surfaced. He confessed to having brought all kinds of ailments into her life. Moreover, he revealed he was holding onto her eyes thus requiring her to wear glasses.

"We give her blurriness," the spirits of idolatry confessed to me, "We do not want her to see clearly. We have been here for so long because her ancestors participated in offerings to gods."

As we battled this group of demons, more surfaced. There were spirits of Jezebel, blindness and Dragon! Many of the demons had entered this dedicated believer via her soul tie with her mother. In fact, her mother was present. I commanded her out and guided her to Jesus.

Dragon, we found out, held onto some heart parts that was within her life. The spirits of Dragon was commanded to release her broken heart. It obeyed. The heart parts were swiftly guided to Jesus for healing. Then I had a young girl, who was sitting with her father and who seemed eager to participate, come up to the front and assist me in striking the Dragon with our swords. The Dragon was greatly weakened and was cast out in the name of Jesus!

As the demons were being expelled, this young lady, was able to enter into the heavenly realms and see God the Father's hands and encounter His love and peace! Moreover, all of the blurriness gradually disappeared. She testified before the audience of her healing (see her video below) and even tested it out. She came in needing glasses, she left the meeting hall without needing them. God had beautifully, miraculously healed her eyes! Others in the hall were also healed of varying degrees of blindness which I'll share more about in a future report. All praise to God.


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