Explosive Wonders of Jesus: Expulsion of Violent Demons & Heavenly Thrillers in Abbotsford!

I am continually awestruck of the display of the miraculous wonders of the Holy Spirit in EVERY single ministry event we conduct throughout the world. This entire week here, in British Columbia, we have conducted many ministry events whereby we witnessed the awesome power of God

overcoming the powers of evil. Last night, in the city of Abbotsford, we witnessed the spectacular and extraordinary --it was a spiritually explosive thriller.

Before an enthusiastic audience, in a spacious conference centre hall, I preached God's Holy Word on the subject of the Supernatural Jesus Encounters. I led in Holy Communion and then began to minister to the demonized. Many demons were expelled in the name of Jesus as the commanded were given for the evil spirits to release their victims. In the midst of the service, a precious saint, sitting in the center of the crowded hall, manifested demons that wanted to KILL ME! One of our associate Pastors, Magda, escorted her out of the hall and began to expel numerous demons from the lady. The demons SCREAMED (we could hear the screams even in the hall) and told Magda they had hoped to kill me and to destroy me.

My friends, there are many demons, within thousands of individuals, plotting and conspiring to murder me. It's very serious. Many individuals have brought knives and other weapons to our seminars with the hopes of killing me. I do not fear for what can man do to me. My God, the Lord Jesus, covers me with His holy atoning blood. Our gospel work is causing the kingdom of darkness to bow to King Jesus. The demons abhor our work and are desirous to stop us at all costs. This is why I need your prayers and financial support TODAY ( we need to raise $5K this week, click here to donate to this Jesus mission)!

As those demons were being expelled from that precious woman, a Bible school graduate and soon to be pastor, pictured above, post deliverance, manifested some very aggressive and strong demonic spirits. They stood before me in murderous rage and fury. This former military solider now minister of the gospel was manifesting extremely violent demons. They battled me and fought vigorously for his soul. The Body of Christ stood it's ground and fought back with the superior powers of Jesus! A Satan spirit surfaced.

We called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived, assisting us. They drew out their swords and pierced the demons. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat. Furthermore, we utilized the CROSS of DELIVERANCE and holy oil of Jesus (the fire of God). The demons greatly weakened. The demons of Satan spoke out:

"We have been here for thousands of years!" the spirits of Satan boasted to me, "We will not leave him, he belongs to us! His ancestors worshipped and honored us. They sacrificed to us."

Another example, where unresolved generational issues can have an affect on a believer. Because of his ancestors bondage to devil worship, the demons were able to invade his bloodline and have been passed down through the generations to the current generation. They also boasted in the various afflictions they had brought into his life. Moreover, a soul invader was present. All of these evil forces were removed from his life in the mighty name of Jesus! The demons were commanded into the abyss. The invader sent to God. Suddenly, some heart parts surfaced.

They were so sad. I quickly guided them to God for healing. As they were guided to God, suddenly the Holy Spirit lifted them off earth and transported them into the Third Heaven. While in the Third Heaven, they met the Savior, Jesus. What transpired was thrilling. Some of those who were attending the meeting said it was one of the most explosive miracles they had witnessed. Allow, my brother, share, in his words, what took place, as they entered God's Heaven!


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