Electrified in Pasadena: Packed Hall Witnessed a Thriller & Experienced the Greatest Love!

What we encountered Sunday night, here in Pasadena, California, was astounding. Before a jammed-packed hall, the enthusiastic audience, witnessed the supernatural spectacular. One of the best miracle nights we have experienced during our Jesus Church services, which is saying a lot because we have witnessed some amazing services over the years in Pasadena. Souls were saved by Jesus, multitude of demons driven out, soul invaders expelled, hearts healed and bodies made well. Furthermore, multiple souls entered God's Heaven and encountered the wonders, joy, and glories of the heavenly realms.

Speaking of encountering the heavenly realms. This past year, in a number of our meetings, we have witnessed multiple souls being caught up into the Third Heaven. This is an astonishing development within our global Jesus mission, as we are seeing more and more disciples being caught up into the Third Heaven and encountering the love of God. Moreover, many are meeting holy angels, the saints of old, and encountering the other persons of the Holy Trinity. I'm stunned and very satisfied at what we are seeing. God is blessing our work in extraordinary ways.

Words fail to describe what we are seeing in our world-wide meetings, missions, seminars and ministry events. I'm often searching far and wide to locate an adjective that could, possibly, describe the awe-inspiring wonders we are witnessing as individuals enter God's heavenly home. Sunday night, multiple disciples entered God's home.

One of the individuals, that was caught up to Heaven, was this young lady, pictured with me above. A well-known Hollywood celebrity, whom everyone who reads these email updates would know, encouraged her (and her friend) to attend our Sunday meeting. By the way, celebrities of all sorts ( you'd be shocked to discover who consistently follows our work), underworld figures and government officials follow our global mission. Many are becoming intrigued and fascinated by the reports we are sending out of individuals being caught up into the Third Heaven!

I ministered to this young lady and numerous demonic spirits surfaced. Spirits of death, Jezebel and Lucifer manifested and battled me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived to assist me in the ministry of healing and deliverance. The holy angels struck, with their powerful swords, the invading demons and they submitted to Jesus. I also utilized my cross and the fire of God --all of which greatly weakened the evil spirits. I might also add, that many soul invaders surfaced too --witches whom targeted this woman with occult spells and curses with the hopes of destroying her.

"We don't like her and her family for they will be winning many souls to God," the demonized soul invaders informed me, "We can't allow that to happen! We must stop them!"

This young lady and her family have a powerful call upon their lives and they will be making a global impact for Jesus thus the spiritual enemies rising up to hinder their work. Thank God she attended the service and was set free. The demonic spirits were cast out and many invaders removed in Jesus name. Moreover, many heart parts surfaced. They were swiftly guided to the Third Heaven where suddenly they met the Lord Jesus! What transpired in Heaven was electrifying. You'll need to watch the testimony below and rejoice in our great God who rescues souls!


Watch what will happen to this young lady and her family --they will travel the world for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have no doubt about it. She will be famed preacher of the gospel to the masses. I'm excited to see what God will do in their lives.

It's thrilling to witness so many entering God's heavenly realms and receiving His love, peace and joy. I'm honored to play a part in this. All glory to Jesus the Lord for only He can do this. Pray for us and SUPPORT us today!


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