Heavenly Encounters with Jesus in Surrey & Richmond, British Columbia!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The last two nights, in Surrey and Richmond, British Columbia, have been phenomenal as we watched the Lord Jesus perform astounding and extraordinary miracles in our "Supernatural Jesus Seminars." I would encourage you to attend one of our upcoming meetings as individuals are being supernaturally healed, cured and set free from evil spirits. Moreover, souls are entering the Third Heaven as it what occurred in the last few nights in the cities of Surrey and Richmond.

Last night in Richmond, British Columbia, before a crowded hall, we watched Jesus perform miraculous wonders. After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray over the audience. Many, while praying with me, were being set free from evil spirits. One man who was receiving significant deliverance, during the mass deliverance prayers, was this husband, pictured with me above with his wife. After the mass deliverance prayers, I noticed that his wife was still experiencing some demonic attacks.

Now mind you, before the service even began, I pointed her out (never met this family before) and told her, directly, that she would be having a heavenly experience on this night. God did not disappoint. Not only was she set free from many demons but she also encountered the wonders, the joys and the glories of the Third Heaven! It was a very dramatic and sensational event all of us were able to witness.

However, to get to that beautiful point, it was full on spiritual war as Jezebel, witchcraft and Lucifer all battled me for her soul. They were extremely stubborn but I kept on fighting in the power of the Holy Spirit. Along with the demons were some soul invaders, including a witch. This precious disciple had no idea of a witch being within her and it was extremely challenging to locate this inner witch. Finally, after a long period of battling witchcraft, we located the witch.

"I have placed curses upon her, that's true," the witch confessed to me, "I wanted to destroy her because I am jealous of her and her husband!"

Jealously of all sorts drive many to witchcraft and then to the sending of curses and spells. Thank God we were there we to intervene and drive out the wicked witch. Along with the witch, all of the evil spirits were expelled in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As God was delivering her from years of demonic bondage and slavery, numerous heart parts surfaced. They were quickly guided to the Savior in the heavenly realms.

As this young lady entered the heavenly realms some of the most amazing supernaturalism took place. She was able to meet the Savior and fly with Him in the heavens which led to a DOOR!

As she passed through the DOOR...she entered the Holy of Holies. The very Throne Room of God! Astounding! You'll need to watch the video testimony below to appreciate what transpired


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