Awe in Orlando: Teenager Sees the Fire of Jesus in Heaven!

I'm in awe. Last night, here in Orlando, Florida, we conducted another "Supernatural Jesus" seminar where we taught from God's Word, led in Holy Communion and ministered to those who assembled --resulting in extraordinary signs and wonders. For more then 5 hours I preached and expelled demons in the name of Jesus!

Moreover, we witnessed the stunning supernaturalism that consistently marks our mission --angelic activity, souls having heavenly experiences and demonstration of the power of God over evil. I'm amazed at what transpired.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a wonderful turnout for a Wednesday night service here in Orlando, just minutes from Walt Disney World. Our hall was filled with individuals and families needing deliverance and healing. Even before ministering deliverance, I had a high and distinct honor to lead a young man, who drove more then 3.5 hours for the meeting, to salvation in Jesus Christ. Then after leading everyone in Holy Communion, demons began to surface throughout the meeting hall.

For the next several hours we witnessed the thrilling:

  • Incredible angelic activity. God's angels moved people, restrained violence and conducted warfare.

  • The powers of the cross weakened numerous soul invaders including inner witches. The demonstration of the power of the, literal cross, awed the crowd.

  • The fire of God was so intense. At one point, after calling down fire from Heaven, a demon named Jezebel screamed out of a woman (pictured above) and said, "I have met you before! You are the one who calls down FIRE down from Heaven, as Elijah did!" WOW!

  • Numerous heart parts were reached and swiftly guided to the Savior for deep healing. In fact, many of them entered God's heavenly home and met the Father and Son! The lady, pictured above, went into the Throne Room of God and encountered the love of the Father, Abba.

  • Legions of evil spirits were confronted and expelled from minds and bodies in the mighty name of Jesus. We actually cast out spirits named Legion.

I'm only sharing a little what transpired, last night, as we ministered the gospel. So much supernaturalism took place. It was beautiful watching Jesus overcome evil and deliver the captives from satanic bondage. What an honor to serve God.

The lady pictured above, was wonderfully freed from evil spirits. Her deliverance started, when a young teenager, manifested spirits and the demons spoke out and pointed to this woman in the back of the hall (mind you, they do not know each other) revealing how they had been holding her spiritual gifts --her singing. Shocking but not surprising.

Jezebel surfaced first. She was furious with me and wanted to battle. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly chained her up and moved her body, without any human aid, to the front of the hall, so I could minister to her. Many evil spirits were commanded into the abyss and many heart parts were reached with the love of Jesus and guided into the heavenly realms. While there, she met Jesus and encountered the glories, the joys and the wonders of Heaven.

Furthermore, after her deliverance, she began to sing. As she began to sing, the spiritual chains, that were holding a young teenager, fell down and she was beautifully set free. I then ministered to the teenager. She was guided into Heaven and she encountered the wondrous presence of the Father and Son. She was able to meet Jesus and encountered His fire. She kept on mentioning of the fire in the eyes of Jesus. His consuming love for her. You'll need to watch the video testimony


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