Amazement in Austin: Man Gets Saved, Moments Later Enters Third Heaven!

I conducted another exciting and powerful Supernatural Jesus Seminar. Though, we were small in number, what transpired was astounding --beautiful miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance from evil spirits. The city of Austin is dear to my heart, ministry wise, Pastor James Beason (who is now with Jesus in Heaven) was based here and we held many ministry events here. Memorable memories.

In one personal ministry session with James, many years ago, I had the high and distinct honor to raise someone from the dead, in the name of Jesus. In our open air meetings, we reached many thousands, when we preached the good news of Jesus. Our public deliverance meetings we witnessed many spectacular miracles that brought individuals in from all over the country. It was wonderful to return to Austin and bear witness of more astounding signs and wonders.

Earlier, during our seminar, a Spaniard by the name of Nsue, arrived by himself. I inquired how he heard about our meeting? From an ad on Craig's List (many thanks to brother Matthew for posting these ads). He had been under extreme torment and pain for more then 25 years and was desperately needing healing and deliverance. Thank God we were in Austin to offer relief, intervention and healing in Jesus! Few churches in this city would be capable to offer any assistance in the areas he was seeking relief from.

As he sat and heard the WORD being proclaimed, his heart softened and he readily indicated his desire to be born again. I brought him to the front of the meeting hall and he opened up his life to Jesus as Lord and declared Him Savior. He was beautifully rescued. Our small global Jesus mission is winning many souls to Jesus, already this year!

During the meeting he opened up his life to everyone and revealed some startling things....

In 1994, he began to be visited by a doll that would walk upright and attack him (while he's fully awake). Since the early 1990's --some 25+ years-- he has suffered from a series of strange and unusual physical afflictions and spiritual attacks. Moreover, he lost his beautiful wife prematurely. At one point, he even passed, while utilizing a toilet, a little worm-like creature that had only one eye. Moreover, he also defecated out sand, grass and other unusual things.

As we ministered to him, we discovered, it was the demons that manifested in the doll, that created that one-eyed creature and so much more. As they were commanded out --all of his pains and torments disappeared. God miraculously cured him.

This man had been targeted by some serious witchcraft. The inner witches actually surfaced and boasted to me how they directed their spells, curses and demons to him and his family. These practitioners of Santeria and voodoo were determined to kill him. They were succeeding in many ways --he lost his wife and he had encountered many sicknesses, afflictions and torments in his life. However, in the midst of this great spiritual warfare, Jesus was preserving his life.

Many demons battled me --Santeria, witchcraft, death and Satan spirits. All of them determined to destroy this man too.

"He has a good heart," the satanic spirits confessed to me, "We need to destroy his good heart! He appeared to him as that doll, we created that worm like creature, we torment him and attack him!"

The spiritual weapons --the holy angels, the blood of Christ, the fire of the Holy Spirit and the SWORD was too overwhelming for these demonic forces and they were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! As the soul invaders and demons were expelled, he was caught up into the Third Heaven and encountered some thrilling heavenly experiences --he was embraced by a bunny, was loved on by the Savior, played with many animals and met Jesus (and got a glimpse of the Father and His brilliant light).

Afterwards, he was utterly shocked and shared that he didn't want to come back here to earth....he enjoyed God's Heaven so much! He even got to meet his wife again (she had died prematurely) while in the heavenly realms. His facial expression spoke of amazement and awe. Another meeting, another heavenly encounter. We are seeing this take place in nearly every ministry event. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us as we continue this mission!


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