Epic Thriller in Omaha: Packed Hall Astounded at the Extraordinary Miracles!

Last night, it was astounding, extraordinary, intensely powerful and spiritually thrilling. All night long, demons manifested in numerous individuals. Some of the demons screamed, contorted their victims and so much more. God's power was also present --souls were wonderfully set free and supernaturally healed. Some of the highlights:

  • The mere sight of the cross of Jesus dramatically caused demons to fall back in submission and caused them to fall on the ground in defeat

  • The fire of the Holy Spirit manifested and supernaturally burned and expelled numerous demons

  • Sicknesses, afflictions and pains disappeared by the commands of Jesus

  • Holy angels were present and demonstrated their role in the deliverance ministry. They moved individuals without any human aid and assisted me greatly in defeating the evil spirits

  • Jesus delivered souls from demonic torment and caught multiple individuals into the heavenly realms where they were able to meet the Son and the Father

  • Multiple young people were wonderfully freed from demons

  • Broken hearts were rescued and healed by Jesus

I could go on and on. Needless to say, it was an incredible night of miracles. Tonight, I'm expecting EVEN GREATER manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for us.

One of those deeply impacted by God's power, was this young lady, pictured with me above. She came desperate for deliverance from evil. Before ministering to her, she surrendered to Jesus Christ and moments later encounters the power of the Holy Spirit.

A violent demonic spirit surfaced and screamed out loud. His name was Warrior!

"I have been here for a very long time and I'm not leaving," the spirit named Warrior warned me, "I torment her, bring her pains, sicknesses and lie to her all the time."

Thankfully, we were able to rescue this young lady. The demons, including Warrior, were expelled. Some soul invaders also were driven out, including an ancestral witch that had been in her bloodline for 200 years cursing the family, and many heart parts were guided to the Savior in Heaven. Immediately she was caught up into God's eternal home and she was able to meet Jesus! Watch her video below to get a mere glimpse what transpired last night.


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