Powerful Jesus Thriller in Pasadena!

I traveled onward to Southern California for our weekly Sunday evening service.

I knew tonight was going to be powerful. I felt such liberty in the room.Our hall was packed. Many new faces. Many were saying they felt the presence of God very tangibly as soon as they entered the hall. I truly felt such liberty and empowerment to preach the WORD and to minister, at our weekly Jesus Church services, here in Pasadena, California. It was beautiful to behold. We are about to enter into a new supernatural phase of the Jesus Church as we see tonight...

  • Souls were caught up into the Third Heaven and met the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Souls were miraculously cured of various pains, sicknesses and torments

  • Souls were set free from evil spirits in Jesus name

  • Souls were delivered of inner witches and soul invasion

  • Shattered hearts were beautifully restored and healed

Even in the midst of all of these incredible and astounding signs and wonders, a woman, in the back of the hall with her mother, was deeply touched by the love of God as we ministered. She had not been born again but watched on as these miracles were taking place and she was deeply touched by the demonstrative powers of Jesus. Her heart softened and she indicated her desire to surrender to Jesus. I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ, she cried and testified of feeling the overwhelming presence of God in her life.

One of the miracles she witnessed was seeing a young mother (pictured above) being set free from demonic bondage. Interestingly enough, this mother of two, had NO IDEA that she had demons, UNTIL tonight! As we broke the curses of death, as a collective group, a spirit named Lucifer surfaced from within her --SHOCKING HER! She honestly didn't think evil spirits were operating within her life at this level, until now.

Many demons were commanded into the abyss but they fiercely battled me --"She belongs to us!" "You can't have her!" "We are not leaving!" "She belongs to us!"

I called upon the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived, assisting me in warring against the demonic forces that tried, so hard, to maintain their hold on her! The holy angels were mighty in strength and drew their spears and swords and destroyed the demonic! The demons entered the abyss. Moreover, some inner witches, when confronted with the powers of the CROSS, submitted to Jesus and were expelled too.

However, the highlight was when this woman, while ministering to her,was suddenly caught up into the Third Heaven and encountered the Holy Trinity --Father, Son and Holy Spirit! What transpired was staggering and thrilling. She literally begged me not to allow her to come back to earth!

She was VERY serious about it. As she entered God's heavenly home she requested, firmly, that I do not bring her back to earth. She was serious. She was enjoying the joys, the wonders, the pleasures and the glories of the Third Heaven so much. It was thrilling for all of us to watch and bear witness of. In fact, at one point, God was speaking through her to all of us at the Jesus Church. Many were encouraged and edified by the words. Jesus even said, "You are a good Dad!" and constantly said I was doing an amazing job for Him! Thank you God for allowing me to serve you!

Please watch her video below to hear of what transpired while in the Third Heaven! Be sure to support our gospel work today!


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