Violent Lucifer Spirits Expelled in Surrey, British Columbia!

Recently I was in the Vancouver, British Columbia area where I ministered at the Jesus Church in the city of Surrey. We had a wonderful turnout where precious souls gathered to hear God's Word and to bear witness of the superior powers of Christ over evil!

One of those whom I ministered to was this young lady, pictured above, who had been suffering from a series of set backs. After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I walked over to her and started to pray over her --immediately demons surfaced.

Extremely violent spirits surfaced and lunged at me with aggression. They grabbed a hold of my shirt, nearly tearing it off. With claw like hands they clawed at me, cutting my wrist. They punched me. Several of the ministers assisted me as the demons were very physical and assaulted me.

"Leave us alone, we are not leaving here," the evil spirits screamed at me, "We have been here a long time!"

We discover, along with these many demons, there was a soul invader within her --a witch. A "friend" of hers that she knew in the orphanage (she grew up in an orphanage, in her childhood years). She was jealous of her and resorted to witchcraft --the sending of various kinds of curses and spells. The spells were having an affect upon her life in a variety of ways --obstacles, hinderances and delays. She had been sabotaged in life because of the witchcraft curses and spells directed into her life.

I brought out my cross to defeat her powers and the witch SCREAMED. Her body shook violently and convulsed as the powers of the cross caused the demons (and the witch) to submit to God. I also placed the fire of God upon the palms of the witch and she was mystified --being confronted with a superior power. I reminded the witch that she had to obey lest that fire burn the rest of her body. She obeyed.

Thank God we were there to offer help and assistance. We were able to intervene and drove out the demons (and the witch) in Jesus name! They screamed out of her and she was freed from the powers of witchcraft and death. Along with the demons departing, we were able to reach some little heart parts within her. Actually, there were many heart parts that needed healing and help. Her heart had been shattered. They were quickly guided to the heavenly realms where they met the Savior and the Heavenly Father. They were beautifully healed.

She was so happy and grateful afterwards. She could feel the peace, the joy and the love of God within her life. There are so many others in British Columbia needing deliverance and healing. May God continue to bring the hurting to the Jesus Church so many more can be reached and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit!


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