Hugged by Jesus in Heaven!

God has blessed me beyond measure. He has saved me by His unfailing love. He has blessed me with a God-ordained beautiful wife. He has blessed me with 4 happy, healthy children, and has graced me with the blessing to be able to serve Him throughout the world -to advance His Kingdom here on earth. Moreover, to allow His children to taste of the "powers of the age to come" (see Hebrews 6:5). All praise to King Jesus!

I'm also blessed to be able to call gorgeous Vancouver, British Columbia home. By God's grace and power, we have planted a small church here --the Jesus Church ( meeting this SATURDAY, don't miss it)! I'm currently back in my little apartment here in downtown Vancouver, enjoying a spectacular late morning --with astonishing mountain and harbor views!

Speaking of advancing the Kingdom of God, in our recent public meetings, seminars and missions throughout the world, we have seen an astounding number of signs and wonders. We have witnessed the thrilling power of Jesus save, cure and free souls. Recently, at our Jesus Church service in Southern California ( another Jesus Church service this Sunday evening in Pasadena), a mother and son (pictured above), attended a service and was wonderfully touched by the love and power of God.

Demons rose up from within the son and fought to battled me. At first the evil spirits that were surfacing were violent, but God's holy angels, restrained the evil and we were able to pray and minister to this young man. The demons boasted how they had been in the bloodline for a long time and that individuals were targeting him with witchcraft. The powers of darkness were exposed and broken in Jesus name!

The demonic spirits (and inner witches) were expelled and he was wonderfully set free from the demonic. Furthermore, we were able to reach his broken heart and they were safely and gently guided to the Savior, where they experienced His love! He was also hugged by the Lord Jesus! Can it get any better --then receiving the love of God through Jesus Christ! His video testimony, after the service had concluded, is a must view --he describes some of the amazing wonders that he was able to experience while in God's heavenly wonderland!


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