Victory in Pasadena as Demons Surrendered & Jesus Appeared!

God has been blessing our ministry at our weekly Jesus Church services here in Pasadena, California. Each week souls are set free by the superior powers of Jesus Christ. We focus on teaching from the WORD, partaking of Holy Communion and ministering to those afflicted with demons. Last night, incredible deliverance and healing took place as this mother (pictured above, post deliverance) encountered the astounding power of God. She was persistent to obtain her victory.

Joy, is a lovely woman, a committed disciple of Jesus. She had been attending our services for the past month or so. Each time, she could feel the evil spirits stirring from within. However, she didn't know how to remove them thus her attendance at the Jesus Church.

As we began to pray with her, demons surfaced from within her and battled me. I called upon the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived to assist me in warfare. The demons were furious.

"We are not leaving. She belongs to us," the demons informed me, "We bring her many pains and torments. We have been here for more then 35 generations because her ancestors participated in blood ritualism and worshipped Satan, our master!"

We are speaking of more then 1,000+ years of generational satanic bondage. That's a long time, ancestral evil has remained in the bloodlines. The demons, from one generation to next caused spiritual havoc and hardship. Thankfully, we were present --the Jesus Church-- here in Southern California, in the midst of 10+ million souls. Every Sunday, we are here to intervene and help those with demonic bondage.

Along with the many demons were some soul invaders --some witches and warlocks who resorted to witchcraft spells and curses to attack her. I brought out my cross and the witches bowed to Jesus! In fact, at one point, as the holy angels struck the demons with their mighty swords, the demons were just about to fall on the ground when they uttered the words: WE SURRENDER!

Jesus is Lord and demons must bow to King Jesus. The demons, the warlocks and the satanic curses were crushed by the blood of Jesus. Moreover, precious little heart parts were reached and guided to the Third Heaven --where they were able to meet the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What transpired, in the heavenly realms, was staggering ( Be sure to check out the video below). After her deliverance, she also reported of being healed on various kinds of pains and afflictions. All praise to our living God!


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