Awe-Struck Crowded Hall Witness a Thriller in Pasadena! Must See Video!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I'm currently in Orange County, California, with family, rejoicing in what God did, last night, during our Sunday evening service, in Pasadena, California during our weekly Jesus Church service. Before a packed hall, I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered to those in the hall. The night was filled with some astounding supernaturalism:

  • Numerous demonic spirits expelled & commanded into the abyss

  • Numerous heart parts healed by God

  • Wicked soul invaders were commanded out in Jesus name

  • Sicknesses and ailments were beautifully cured by the Lord Jesus

  • Multiple souls entered into God's heavenly realms

  • Numerous angelic miracles transpired throughout the night

I could go on and on. God is truly blessing our Pasadena services --we look forward to more divine favor this coming Sunday as we prepare to set souls free. Last night, before an awe-struck crowd, we ministered to a disciple, who was desperate for deliverance and healing. God rewarded him with an thrilling deliverance and healing.

Throughout the night he was in pain, torment and suffered greatly. The demons were viciously attacking him. I walked over to him, to pray over him, the demons rose up and clearly revealed their intentions:

"We are going to kill him," the evil spirits boasted to me, "We almost killed him!"

These were violent, aggressive and physical demons that surfaced. They froze his body and I asked the holy angels to come into the hall to assist me. Before a awe-struck hall, the holy angels arrived, moved his body, without any human aid, to the front of the hall, for me to minister to him. The holy angels of God arrived and battled the demonic forces that had been in the bloodline for thousand years.

"We have been here for centuries as his family participated in witchcraft and idol-worship," the evil spirits informed me, "We cause him torment and physical problems."

The demons were restrained and I was able to battle them, successfully, in the power of God. The angels moved this disciple (pictured above) up to the front as the demons, literally, immobilized him. He couldn't move. The holy angels forced him to the front and we confronted the spirits --Lucifer, death, witchcraft and so many others.

The demons readily confessed to causing many troubles, hardships and problems in his life. He was suffering from physical pain for many years! Moreover, he had some soul invaders that had invaded him due to some soul ties that he created, in the past. These demons and wicked soul invaders were expelled. The spiritual weapons we employed --the cross, holy communion blood, my Bible and prayers were greatly weakening the demons. They confessed to their defeat and submitted to King Jesus!

As the demons were expelled, many heart parts surfaced. These little ones were terribly hurting. I guided them to God for healing and suddenly they were caught up into the clouds....then Jesus appears on a horse....he guides them to His heavenly home where there is safety and healing. In fact, it gets even better...Jesus even guided him to His Heavenly Father! Watch the video yourself --he also gets to meet the Holy Spirit, met the holy angels, and at one point even heard the Heavenly Father speak of me (more on this unexpected incident soon).

Abba, told him, while he was in heaven, that He was happy with the work I'm doing and spoke of my first and last name. He was shocked. I was amazed. The crowd was astonished. I was there too, in this heavenly realm. The Heavenly Father knew me. This is wonderful to know. HA!

On this night, multiple souls entered Heaven and encountered the love of God, the healing of Jesus and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This man, was also anointed by the Heavenly Father in His Throne Room (a first for me) and told him he was an apostle and needed to get about doing the Fathers business. Watch the video for yourself:


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