Cult Leader of the Skull of the Lion Heart FREED by Jesus!

June 20, 2016



I must share what transpired our very first night in Atlanta, recently, as we ministered to a young man named Jermaine (pictured with me above, post deliverance). He was sitting in the back of the meeting hall and was manifesting very strong and violent demons. I approached him and he shared an interesting fact he was very relevant to share. It took some persusaion to finally get him to pour out some secrets. 


He shared with everyone how he was involved, in the past, in a secret society within the United States military called the Skull of the Lion Heart. Not only had he been involved in this secretive sect but it went much deeper --he was their LEADER! For more then 5 years he served as the leader of this clandestine group that participated in raw demonism. He was involved in some very serious demonic supernaturalism. All of us extended God's love to him and he opened up to the Holy Spirit!


This result in a immediate demonic manifestation, he bag to convulse and the demons rose up in might! He got up and he left the meeting hall. A few of us followed him outside and Jermaine came back to consciousness.


"I'm not sure I can go through this. This is too intense. It's too strong!" Jermaine cried out! 


By God's power we were able to get him back into the meeting hall and he publicly renounced his involvement in the Skull of the Lion Heart! Then I confronted the powerful secret societies spirits with him named STAR! I commanded Star to depart and he left him and entered the abyss in Jesus name!


Jermaine was shocked what transpired but extremely happy! He was SET FREE by JESUS! It was staggering to witness! A man so troubled and tortured now FREE as a bird! He even testified how good he felt afterwards. He will need some more follow-up work but Jermaine has encountered the LOVE and POWER of CHRIST! He's transformed and above pictured proves it. He looks clear and FREE! LOVE IT!


Afterwards he sent this beautiful testimony:


"I thank God for your life and your ministry and your team. May God increase you and bless you with protection and Provisions. I would like to express at this time how thankful I am to you for your service to the land of the living and uniting me with the deliverance from Jesus Christ.  It would be the greatest honor and a privilege to assist you in serving God to the highest degree. I will take your online courses at the Freedom Fighter International Training Center." 


He attended the following service and shared briefly what Jesus did in his life! He's a changed man. We just need to pray that God would protect him and strengthen him as he continues with JESUS! 


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Miraculous Miami: Seeing Jesus & Millions of Evil Spirits Expelled!

May 8, 2016

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