British Columbia: Epic Supernatural Wars vs Buddha, Islam & Lucifer!



It's been an awesome day....went boating, enjoyed some coffee, had a yummy Greek lunch and during the lunch my wife sent me a message to let me know that my son, Ford, surprised her with the ability to recall key Biblical themes. Made me proud as a Dad, as I'm the one who leads the children in Bible study (we just finished going through key Old Testament stories and now studying the New  Testament, specifically the miracles of Jesus). So, I was able to really enjoy my delicious lunch even more so. Then onward to a powerful seminar.


The seminar went on for many hours. I never, once took a break, for more then 8 hours! That's truly supernatural. I taught from the Holy Scriptures, drove out demons, healed broken hearts, removed soul invaders and encouraged the saints. 


Can life get any better? Boating, delicious Greek food, family doing well and casting out demons for EIGHT HOURS! Here it is 5am and now the sun is rising here in the West Coast, seeing the sun rise above these amazing snow-capped mountains. 


I'm sitting here in downtown Vancouver STUNNED, AMAZED & IN AWE! What transpired tonight here could be described as EPIC! I have conducted numerous seminars, missions, meetings and encounters throughout this great nation and tonight's public service was one of the best services we have EVER conducted and that's saying a lot as we have seen some stunning miracles over the years. 


I have to get back here quickly. The needs are immense. We had another jammed packed meeting hall. Individuals were STILL arriving more then 6 hours into the meeting!!! Read that again! Yes, you correctly read that. SIX HOURS INTO THE SERVICE PEOPLE WERE STILL ARRIVING FOR TEACHING, DELIVERANCE & HEALING! 


So many dozens of people pleaded with me to travel and conduct even more seminars and services here in British Columbia. I hear your hearts and I will do whatever I can, by God's grace, to conduct more meetings here in beautiful Vancouver, Surrey and other nearby cities. So many dozens of souls were set free from evil spirits in the past several days. So, many individuals and families miraculously healed and cured by the power of Jesus! 


Tonight, we witnessed more JESUS power! To chronicle all of the wonders would take many hours to document. We were honored to have the power of Jesus within us to destroy the powers of the kingdom of darkness. There's so many stories to share with you. Allow me to share one. 


Towards the back of the meeting hall sat a precious couple who were seeking deliverance and healing. They were desperate and concerned. In fact, the wife (pictured with me above with her husband) was very skeptical of me at first. She, in fact, told everyone at the beginning of the service of this. Many skeptics think I'm a fraud and merely making this all up UNTIL the skeptic manifests demons themselves, then things change quickly. HA! 


This is what exactly transpired. The skeptic (the wife) manifested a demon and I quickly noticed it. I confronted it and with HORROR in it's eyes it SCREAMED loudly in anger and hatred! So many demons surfaced from within including demons of Lucifer, Jezebel, fear, torment and spirits of Islam! 


Interestingly enough, throughout the night, we had some EPIC spiritual battles with spirits named Buddha, Islam, witchcraft and these spirits named Lucifer! Jesus was victorious over them all!


As I pulled out my holy cross the spirits of Lucifer CRIED out loudly with a blood curdling scream. The cross was too much for them to bear. They violently contorted her body and pleaded for me to leave them alone. They begged me. It was a very dramatic deliverance for all to witness. 


Then a group of demons named Islam surfaced. Since her family has deep Persian Islamic roots, there were many strong demons within this woman that surfaced ready to battle however the power of Christ was superior and it was displayed for all to see! 


They were GREATLY weakened by glancing at the cross and touching the sacred cross. They screamed at me in utter contempt and hatred.


"There's blood on that cross you hold," the demons revealed to me, "It's too powerful and we cannot hold it!"


Yes, there is truly blood on the cross --the sacrificial and redemptive blood of Jesus soaks the cross. The demons recognized and could see it. Moreover, I called for the holy angels of God and they assisted me in my battles tonight with all of these strong demonic beings who were hell-bent on battling me. 


"It is true...Jesus is Lord! We are deceiving many! Mohammed is not the true prophet of God and Allah isn't God!" the demons confessed before all who were in the meeting hall. 


The Islamic spirits bowed to Jesus. This woman was powerfully set free as the demons were expelled to the pit in the name of Jesus! Moreover, numerous parts of her broken heart were healed too by Jesus! So many demons expelled and this woman's life was instantly changed --see her smile? 


Tonight, MILLIONS of demons were cast out of people, numerous heart parts were reached and miraculously healed, bodies repaired and soul invaders extracted in the name of Jesus! The spiritual battles that took place were intense and wild. However, Jesus conquered His foes and all praise was given to Him! 


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May 8, 2016

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