Spectacular Supernatural Surprises in Surrey, British Columbia!

December 12, 2016

We have begun our British Columbia miracle mission! Our first seminar was in the city of Burnaby where we witnessed a number of souls being freed from demonic spirits. However, tonight, was explosive, in the city of Surrey, where many were surprised by the spectacular supernaturalism that occurred! 


I just absolutely love this picture above! Look at their beautiful smiles. These three nurses are great friends and all three encountered the power of Jesus Christ! It will be difficult to describe to you what transpired as some of the thrilling moments of the night were that incredible. 


We were, once again, at the Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre, in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, where we held another dramatic seminar. I have been traveling to Surrey for many years and have been astonished to see so many phenomenal miracles take place there. Some incredible signs and wonders of Jesus --we have seen the crippled walk, the demonized set free and many lives transformed by God. We have tasted of the WORD; we have also tasted of the powers of the age to come. Consider what we encountered earlier tonight:

  • Tens of thousands of evil spirits cast out in the name of Jesus!

  • Many souls immediately being released from satanic oppression!

  • One woman was cured from 20+ years of physical pain --was miraculously healed of decades of pain!

  • Soul invaders --demonized witches-- driven out!

  • Dissociative identities supernaturally healed and restored!

  • Ancestral dissociative identities sent to Jesus!

  • Those we ministered to were able to SEE the ascended Jesus!

  • Many incidents of angelic intervention and assistance!

  • Souls surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ and were rescued from their sins!

  • Other extraordinary miracles took place such as utilizing consecrated objects such as my cross to remove demonic spirits and ailments. 

That was only a sampling of what transpired earlier tonight here in British Columbia. I'm going to need to break these stunning miracles down to a series of reports for the sake of limited time and space to report. One of the marvelous aspects of the service occurred when I had the wonderful opportunity to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and both of these young ladies pictured with me above responded by giving their lives to Jesus Christ! They were saved by God. 


What really me proud was that the young lady pictured with me above to the far right, sitting down, was also saved in one of our meetings, some weeks ago, in New Westminster, and powerfully set free from demons. Well, Phoebe, came back for more deliverance and healing. This new Christian, has such a beautiful open heart to the miraculous that is so refreshing to me. I love it! 


Not only did Phoebe come but also two of her friends --all three are nurses. They thought they were simply coming to support Phoebe, they had no idea what would be taking place during the time of ministry. Both were saved! Then God used these new converts to assist me in battling demons that had surfaced within Phoebe, during the course of the seminar. 


I actually brought these new converts (they had only been saved for an hour) up to the front of the hall and they were actually driving out demons in the name of Jesus! This is true New Testament discipleship --come to Christ then moments later be introduced to the ministry of exorcism. HA! 


These young ladies were very effective in casting out demons --the demons screamed in agony and were groaning in defeat as they commanded the demons to release their friend. Now, during this dramatic exorcism many spiritual forces were surfacing --soul invaders and many aggressive demons. In my next update, I will report to you what transpired as it will shock you. Suffice to say, these powers were driven out and this woman experienced an amazing transformation. 


She was miraculously healed of more then 20+ YEARS of constant physical pain and afflictions. Phoebe testified before all that Jesus had healed her and set her free. She even moved around some to test her new healing --everything worked and felt ZERO pain! Everyone, in the large meeting hall, was shocked and astonished. Jesus healed this woman and she was so happy afterwards ---take a glance at that gorgeous JESUS smile. 



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Miraculous Miami: Seeing Jesus & Millions of Evil Spirits Expelled!

May 8, 2016

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