Extraordinary Miracles in Surrey: Millions of Witchcraft Demons Crushed by Jesus!

March 16, 2017


One family we ministered to was a Filipino couple, pictured with me above, who have been married for nearly 45 years. They are beautiful Charismatic Catholics who attended hoping to receive some healing. It's been nice to see a good number of Charismatic Catholics attend our recent seminars here in British Columbia. Many disciples, from a variety of Christian groups, feel welcomed in our meetings because we are inter-denominational in so many regards. 


As I was leading everyone to break the curse of fear and torment and commanding the fear to depart the people of God, numerous manifestations were taking place in the meeting hall, including some demonic convulsions from this precious woman, pictured with me above. As I approached her many demons surfaced and violently slid her off the chair and onto the ground slithering like a snake. These violent demons were aggressive and somehow she started to bleed from her nose and noticed blood splattered all over her face (though afterwards she was completely healed by Jesus and no after-effects from the violence). 


I confront these violent demons in the name of Jesus. Mass numbers of aggressive demons surfaced from within her. They were spirits of witchcraft, fear, torment, and Satan spirits. 


"There's millions of us," the spirits of Lucifer boastfully told me, "We have been here for many generations because her ancestors participated in idol-worship. They worshipped other gods."


These destructive demons also revealed they had brought pain into her body and all kinds of afflictions. It was horrible to watch these vile spiritual beings boast about their sadistic work in this woman's life. The husband stood his ground in the name of Jesus and claimed his wife for Jesus.


The demons submitted to Jesus Christ. Then suddenly, a soul invader surfaced from within this woman --a witch! This witch had been sending numerous curses and spells against this woman and her family with the hopes of destroying her. 


I commanded her out and she departed. I then proceeded in commanding all of the demons of witchcraft, pain, torment, Satan spirits and many others out of her body. They flew into the abyss and this woman was powerfully set free and miraculously healed. She came to the front of the meeting hall testifying of her healing --NO MORE PHYSICAL PAINS IN HER BODY! Years of pains GONE within minutes! She was surprised and shocked but very happy and gave Jesus all of the glory and honor and praise! 


We also learned that for 20+ years she was a practitioner of witchcraft --Tarot card readings, palmistry, fortune-telling and many other indulgences into the occult. Thank God for her deliverance from the powers of darkness! Jesus is able!


So many others were freed. We were ministering all night long --casting out demons and healing the sick. Jesus truly crushed His enemies and displayed His superior powers before those who had assembled. 

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Miraculous Miami: Seeing Jesus & Millions of Evil Spirits Expelled!

May 8, 2016

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