Vancouver: Thrilling Jesus Miracles as Witchcraft was Defeated!

April 27, 2017

Last night, here in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, we held another intense seminar where the WORD was preached, souls were saved by Jesus, and many were miraculously healed! The meeting hall was filled up with hungry souls needing intervention and deliverance. Jesus was present and freed many!


Along with the many miracles we witnessed, we were honored, once again, with the holy presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, in our midst. He appeared to souls and I'm humbled that our Savior continues to appear tangibly to many in our missions throughout the world.


After preaching from the WORD I had the high honor to lead a handful of individuals to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Moments after leading souls to salvation in Christ I was directed by the Holy Spirit to a young woman, pictured with me above, who was being horribly attacked by demon powers. As I confronted the evil spirits, the spirits shrieked and convulsed her body. I called forth the holy angels and they struck the defiant demonic spirits, to weaken their powers. The spirits reacted aggressively and battled back.


"We have her! She belongs to US!" the evil spirits warned me, "Her ancestors participated in witchcraft dedication rituals and that allowed us to stay within her bloodline for thousands of years! Besides herself, nobody ever confronted us before."


Astounding! However, not surprising. We come across cases all the time where the demons surface and boast how nobody ever dared to confront their activity and presence. This precious woman, dared to be different and battled these demons herself. She just needed some assistance and this is where we step in and offer intervention and help in Jesus name! I'm so grateful that we are given opportunities to extend the love, the mercy and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to many hurting souls. 


These vile witchcraft spirits were commanded out of her body and untold number of these destructive demons departed. Moreover, they released her broken heart and many little parts surfaced. They were directed to Jesus for healing and comfort. We also removed soul invaders from her life too. She was so happy afterwards --of her newfound freedom and healing. More work needs to take place and healing but this was a significant start to her journey to deep healing. 


It was a very interesting night, while in the midst of praise and worship, one young lady, manifested demons and they placed her in a terrible trance state. They lifted her body off the chair and led her out of the meeting hall. I could feel something was wrong. I followed her out and the demons completely surfaced and spoke out of her.


"We do NOT need to hear that crap!" the demons told me while referencing to the praise music, "We will get her out of here and KILL her!"


The worship and praise music was too much for the demons. I demanded the demons to obey the commands of Jesus and with the assistance of the angelic army, we led her back into the meeting hall. The holy angels sat her down on the chair and I began to minister to her. 


Many demons were removed from her body including the spirits holding her spiritual gifts of healing. In fact, after her gifts were released I had her minister healing to those in the audience and one woman she ministered to was healed of arthritic pain, in her wrists, almost instantly. I'm so proud of my sister in Jesus who dove right in and ministered healing to those held in captivity. We love you sister Grace! 


In fact, Grace had some soul invaders removed and heart parts healed by loving Jesus! During the deliverance we also discovered that she had some demons attached to her eyes, as we prayed for her, we commanded the demons to release her eyes, they obeyed and Grace reported that her eyesight improved dramatically and was able to SEE clearly without the aid of her glasses. My precious sister was so happy afterwards and excited about her deliverance and healing! 


I could go on and on sharing more miraculous wonders that transpired during the 6+ hour service! So many other heavenly experiences and encounters. All praise to the King!



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May 8, 2016

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