Wild, Violent, Victorious Night in Pasadena, California!

June 2, 2017


We have been conducting services for years here in Pasadena, California and have seen God raise up a mission here, yet, our last service was, perhaps, one of the best yet! It was a wild one and filled with numerous miracles and Holy Spirit wonders. It was a supernatural thriller --filled with the appearance of Jesus, holy angels, healing, deliverance and power of the Holy Spirit! It was also violent. 


See the man pictured above, lying on the floor? That's Jimmy. He came seeking deliverance and healing and he got it! HA! He came with his wife and some friends and all of them encountered the supernatural acts of God. Jimmy was manifesting demonic spirits throughout the service and I was just about to conclude the meeting when suddenly the Spirit of God directed me to Jimmy. As soon as I approached demons surfaced violently. We are speaking of extreme violence. He convulsed, his eyes rolled back into his head (seeing only white) and the inner demons spoke.


"We are NEVER leaving!" the spirits of witchcraft boasted to me, "We have him and his bloodline! His ancestors practiced witchcraft and participated in the occult. We have been here for more then 10 generations!"


Not only were evil spirits present, many soul invaders were within him including a evil uncle who surfaced and spoke to me. He confessed to much.


"I placed witchcraft curses upon the entire family!" the uncle told me, "I want to see all of them destroyed!"


Again, another case of a soul invasion in a disciple of Jesus! I have been mystified by the sheer numbers I'm coming across. It's startling in some ways as I have often where is the church on this? I isn't the church intervening and rescuing souls from demons? You and I know the answer: vast majority of the church doesn't believe! They outright reject the need for the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. 


Remember: salvation solves it all (at least that's what the modern church tells everyone). Yes, salvation solves everything in the spirit nature (Colossians 2:10 tells we are complete in Christ) but we still must address the body and soul natures (remember we are tripartire beings) and must go through daily sanctification. Since, the body and soul are still in the process of being molded into the image of God, they are still open to the possibility of demonic attacks and afflictions thus the need for deliverance!


Thankfully, we were able to rescue Jimmy from his uncle's curses. It was a battle however as the soul invader was violent too! God's mighty holy angels assisted greatly and we were able to subdue much of the aggression from the unclean spirits. The spirits attached to the soul invaders also confessed this:


"We have placed fiery darts in his mind, throughout his body and really targeting his feet," the demons revealed to me.


I commanded the demons and the pains to GO! The demons cried out, shook his body violently and departed (along with the many soul invaders). Jimmy immediately was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in new tongues! Moreover, he jumped around, danced, and exclaimed that God had healed him of all of his pains and torments. Jimmy was so happy. The Holy Spirit placed him unto the ground, as seen above, and he encountered the love of Jesus. Look at his SMILE! Beautiful Jesus! 


All night long here in Pasadena, California, all of us witnessed so many amazing deliverances and healing take place within many who present in the hall. Many were shocked and in awe as they witnessed evil spirits being expelled, hearts being supernaturally healed, minds restored and angelic intervention. Furthermore, the cross of the Jesus Christ defeated many demons and soul invaders and curses.

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Miraculous Miami: Seeing Jesus & Millions of Evil Spirits Expelled!

May 8, 2016

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