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October 19, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It's been an amazing several nights of ministry. Before arriving here to Houston, Texas for a series of seminars, I was in Walnut, California, at the Vineyard of Harvest Church, ministering to those in desperate need for deliverance and healing. Precious souls were set free by God. In fact, in a personal ministry session, before the service, I encountered some very powerful demons that were rooted in Japanese idolatry. They surfaced from within a church leader and spoke to me.


"Her ancestors dedicated her to various gods," the demons reported to me while hysterically laughing, "We were also offered to Saint Mary by her family!"


I discovered that her family dedicated her, upon her birth, to the mother of Jesus. We need to dedicate our babies and children to the Living God not to a saint. This was an element of idolatry and opened up this little baby to evil spirits. The demonic spirits do not play fair. They invaded her body and had been there ever since, bringing forth all kinds of torment and pain. 


The demons contorted her body, her limbs and spoke out of her aggressively. They laughed hysterically. They boasted how no one was able to locate them within her life. They revealed they had been in her bloodline for thousands of years because her ancestors participation in various forms of idolatry and that not one single believer in God ever exposed them nor confronted them, to drive them out. That's unfortunate. Somebody should have intervened and offered deliverance and healing.


I hear this all the time and know this to be true as very few churches and missions offer Biblical deliverance ministry to the oppressed. So, what happens? Demons simply travel from one generation to the next unhindered. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to assist this young disciple and offer freedom in Christ. 


Guess who else was present within her life besides these idolatrous spirits? Yes, more soul invaders. More witches. Every person, it seems like, I'm ministering to, has these invaders --inner witches. In this session, a family member surfaced and revealed they offered her to the powers of witchcraft and they placed spells upon her. 


By God's grace, we were able to intervene. She was wonderfully set free from the powers of witchcraft and idolatry. Her heart was healed (she had some dissociation) and her life was liberated from the powers of evil (and of these soul invaders). She was so happy afterwards and testified before the public service of her astonishing deliverance and healing. 


Her testimony opened up many hearts and allowed God to touch many lives resulting in more souls being freed from evil spirits and more soul invaders. One lady I ministered to was a mother who had been victimized by the wicked forces of witchcraft. The demons spoke out of her in strange tongues and screamed out of her. We drove out the demons in the mighty name of Jesus and commanded them to enter into the abyss. Also with the demons was another soul invader --her very own daughter. 


"Yes, I cast spells to her," the rebellious daughter confessed to me, "I want to see her destroy because she is a Christian!"


Again, I'm pleased that were able to assist this mother and intervene. The daughter was removed as was the demonic spirits in the name of Jesus! She was beautifully liberated by the power of the Holy Spirit and everyone rejoiced. 


From Southern California, without being able to sleep, I travelled onward to Houston, Texas. My ministry partner on this mission? My little 7 year old daughter, filled with the Holy Spirit, who assisted me in praying for the afflicted. 


What an explosive night of ministry here, last night! Many miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance! Also some satanic opposition too as Jezebel rose up within a older lady during the seminar, stood up defiantly and shouted that I was a false prophet. I blessed her in Jesus name and prayed for her. She furiously left the meeting hall, filled with rage. 


The enemy wanted to hinder the service because there were many souls present needing deliverance. One precious man who needed freedom was this young man, pictured with me above, who came into the seminar with great expectations. He had watched some of my videos on our YouTube Channel and was intrigued. He came and was wonderfully touched by our loving Savior. 


Demons manifested within his life including spirits of Satan and death. They had been in his bloodline for many years and yet, again, no one, intervened, to rescue this young man from demonic bondage. I'm grateful to God we were in a position to help and assist. The demons were battled, were broken down down and commanded into the abyss. 


After his deliverance, several of his little dissociative identities immediately went into the heavenly realms and encountered the overpowering presence of love, peace, joy and pure ecstasy. He danced and delighted himself with the things that God offered in this heavenly place he was visiting.



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