Thrillers in Perth: Jesus Appearing Over Passover!

April 17, 2018

God is pleased with us and blessing our small global mission in some thrilling ways. Yes, I'm tired but I woke up this morning feeling like I'm one of the most blessed men on the planet. I know God. I have blessed with a beautiful family and I have the opportunity to serve the Lord Jesus Christ around the world. Just in the past weeks we have travelled throughout the world --China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Tasmania, Canada and throughout the United States-- preaching the WORD and performing the miraculous. 


Last night, here in Perth, Western Australia, we had, perhaps, one of the most spiritually thrilling nights of ministry we have ever conducted here. That's saying a lot too. I have been traveling to Perth for many years and have conducted scores of meetings throughout this city and these past few nights in Perth were extraordinary, primarily, because we witnessed multiple individuals entering God's Heavens. I was able to capture some of the testimonies on video (see below). 


I'm trying to develop, as God leads, the world's largest collection of video testimonies of individuals entering God's Heavens. This is an aspect of gospel ministry that has kind of been forgotten in some ways. Yes, preach the gospel, cast out demons and heal the sick. However one's goal as a follower of Jesus should be ultimately be directed into developing ones relationship with God, which, should lead into a deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


Obviously, we will continue to lead souls to salvation in Christ! Did that last night. We will continue to pray for the sick. Did that last night and miraculous wonders took place that left the audience in awe. We will continue to drive out evil spirits. We did that last night as legions upon legions of demonic spirits were commanded into the abyss in the name of Jesus! But, an NEW aspect of our work includes this --guiding individuals into the Third Heaven, thus developing a greater intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. No greater goal then that --worshipping the one and true God! 


During our thrilling public meeting last night the audience was basically in AWE for 5.5 hours as I ministered to those need of deliverance and healing. To chronicle all the miraculous signs and wonders, it would take months to recount. There were that many miraculous acts in our midst. It's challenging to recall all of them. Numerous demons were cast out, heart parts were beautifully healed and soul invaders were commanded out. However, the highlight was seeing individuals entering the heavenly realms and seeing Jesus. In fact, not only seeing Jesus but also encountering the Father and Holy Spirit too. 


I'm marveling at the sheer numbers of people entering God's heavens as a result of our ministry work. This is truly a sign of God's hands upon our ministry. Last night, a young lady, pictured with me above came to the meeting as a result of her sister's invitation from the night before where she was set free from demons and experience the love of Jesus. Her sister was captivated by her testimony and decided to attend. Thank God she did. Not only were many demons cast out of her but her heart was miraculous restored and soul invaders were removed. 


As we ministered to her, she was "caught up" into the Third Heavens. What she encountered was, first and foremost, God's love in Jesus. She held onto Jesus and His love healed her. In fact, after her experience with the Lord, she testified of being physically healed of many years of pains and sicknesses. It was astonishing to watch as God moved into her life and cleaned her up. She was so happy afterwards and testified of God's majestic powers to heal and deliver. 


Be sure to watch the video below and rejoice in God our Savior. He is visiting with His children. Especially during this holy time as we reflect upon the Passover and Easter seasons --Jesus truly covers us with His blood and the power of His resurrection. His covering causes demons to passover. We belong to God and He will protect His own. Amen!



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