Jesus Cross to Millions: Featured on UK's Most Popular National Media Powerhouse!

June 12, 2018

Just in the past 48 hours we have been able to reach MILLIONS with the power of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ! One of the largest and most influential global news and media outlets featured us and our work in the area of deliverance. We were featured on "The Daily Mail/Mail Online" which remains the most read national newspaper and outlet in the UK (and globally) with a reach of many millions. 


What's very interesting about this is that this particular European media powerhouse grabbed this story (see portion of the program pictured above) from one of the popular Australian television programs that featured us on national prime-time television a few years ago. That program still lives on in so many ways. Over the past few years since that airing of that program numerous media outlets have disseminated that story and we have been able to multiple MILLIONS with the power of the CROSS of Jesus! 


This is an act of GOD! The Holy Spirit is doing this so we can reach many for HIM! Pray for us and support us today!


Over the years, The National Geographic Channel, Lifetime, BBC, Oprah Winfrey, and many other global secular media outlets have either featured us or sought us out in wanting to do documentaries about our unique work in exorcism, inner healing and the mass numbers of individuals entering into God's Heavens and meeting Jesus! These secular opportunities have allowed us to REACH MILLIONS of individuals --most of them non-Christians-- with the power of the CROSS of JESUS! As opposed to reaching a few thousand, if that, in "Christian" media. 


Very few ministers of the gospel are given such a unique opportunity to reach the MAJOR secular media outlets of the world. God has blessed us in this and I see many more opportunities in the years to come. Truth to be told, I'm not very interested in "Christian" media. I'm wanting to reach the secular mind with the life-transformative power of the CROSS of JESUS! Millions have been able to witness the POWER of the CROSS over demons, for example, as a result of the coverage we get. 


As a result of this astounding secular coverage we have been able to lead many to salvation in Jesus Christ! This is my heart's desire and I'm grateful to God for these amazing opportunities. 




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Miraculous Miami: Seeing Jesus & Millions of Evil Spirits Expelled!

May 8, 2016

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