Woman Caught Up Into the Third Heaven: Jesus Says He Loves Me!

July 18, 2018

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Special Note: Jesus Church coming to British Columbia over the Summer of 2018! More details forthcoming. 

I truly believe we are a transformative force within the deliverance ministry. As many of you know, we wholeheartedly believe in the casting out of demons and healing hearts. We embrace the need to break generational curses and destroy demonic strongholds however we ALSO believe there is a need to allow disciples who are being set free from evil spirits to experience an heavenly encounter with the risen Savior. Wanna talk about deeper deliverance and inner healing --it's found in meeting Jesus in His Heaven!


As many of you know we are documenting these wonderful experiences individuals are having as they are being "caught up" into the Third Heaven! We are stunned by these supernatural events and we want the world to KNOW these glorious encounters are REAL and they cannot be denied. Many thousands, around the world, are having these staggering and beautiful experiences that speak of God's unfathomable love, mercy, grace, goodness and redemption. These heavenly encounters will stay with you for the rest of your life. 


Jay Bartlett Missions will always be committed to casting out demons and healing hearts however we will ALSO be dedicated to allowing disciples to have heavenly encounters. Last night, here in Atlanta, Georgia, another individual, pictured with me above, was caught up into the Third Heaven. Her name is Jewel. This woman's story is fascinating. She made plans on visiting one of my seminars in Southern California, last week. She travelled to California however I wasn't there ( I will be back conducting meetings in Southern California in a few weeks). I was in North Carolina conducting meetings. She was desperate for deliverance and healing. 


She travelled back to Atlanta, Georgia and guess what? I'm here conducting seminars. She was so excited and made plans to attend. I got to meet her last night. She was wonderfully set free from ancient idolatrous spirits and demons of Lucifer. Moreover, she was delivered from numerous soul invaders, including many inner witches. She was also freed from generational curses too. Her heart was released and supernaturally healed by God. She was so happy!


Furthermore, Jewel, had the high and distinct honor to travel into the Third Heaven and meet the Savior. What she experienced in the heavenly realms must be viewed. I was able to capture her experience on video and I would like to share with you what transpired. I believe these experiences need to be shared with the world. Please forward these heavenly experiences to others --your family and friends-- so they can SEE Jesus loves us!


Many other incredibly explosive miracles took place, last night, that must be reported. I'll share more in upcoming reports. Thank you for supporting us and praying for us



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May 8, 2016

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