Violent Supernatural Thrillers in Southern California!

December 1, 2018

God has truly blessed and graced me with extraordinary powers and strength. After conducting a series of seminars in Florida, I boarded a flight from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California, where we conducted our weekly Jesus Church services in Pasadena. With incredible strength from the Holy Spirit, I ministered more then 5 hours --teaching the WORD, leading in Holy Communion and ministering to the demonized. It was a supernatural thriller where many violent demons were expelled, hearts were healed, bodies repaired and several had heavenly experiences. 


Last night, here in Pasadena, our meeting was intense, explosive and thrilling. Even as I started to pray for everyone in the hall, demons violently exited many. Some demons were screaming out. Others were simply releasing their victims without much fanfare. At one point, 7 or 8 individuals, throughout the hall, were vomiting out demons. Many others were feeling a spiritual release from the demonic that held them in bondage. One of those I ministered to was this woman, this mother, pictured with me above. 


She had attended our meetings, in the past, and after the conclusion of the service, back at her home, she was up in the middle of the night vomiting out demons. She was determined to obtain more freedom thus her coming back to the service last night. I'm grateful she came back with some family.


Not only did she experience some astounding deliverance, but also some other family members. Including one of her sons, who manifested very violent, vicious, aggressive demons that were determined to attack me. At one point, it took 5 of us to restrain these sadistic demons. They had tremendous influence over his life due to the fact that he had not surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. They had full control of him. It was sad. I kept on warning the young man to repent. In an act of utter disobedience, he rejected the offer of salvation. 


I then focused my attention on his mother who had manifested, fully, many demons of Lucifer, death and witchcraft. In fact, while ministering to her, I discovered many soul invaders within her life --witches. Now these were not your ordinary witches. These were witches that were masquerading as "ministers" and "Christians." Let's not be surprised, you expect the enemy to infiltrate the church with the his pawns to divide, to disturb and to destroy the work of the church. All of these witches, in light of the power of the cross and the holy oil of the Holy Spirit, submitted to God and were expelled. 


We also commanded into the abyss all of these demons that had been tormenting this mother. They boasted how they were trying to kill her:


"We have been here for many years," the demons warned me, "We are trying to kill her. We must stop her. She loves God and prays. We have to stop her! We bring pains and sicknesses to her body."


Yes, they greatly hindered this woman, however, we stopped their work last night and forced them into the pit in Jesus name! She was wonderfully set free. She was also supernaturally cured of all pains. She reported no more physical pains. Moreover, while ministering to her, we were also able to guide her brokenness to the Third Heaven where she met the Savior Jesus! Furthermore, the Lord Jesus, introduced her to the Heavenly Father. It was very dramatic and powerful to witness. Watch below to be inspired. 



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May 8, 2016

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