Jammed-Packed Yuma Civic Hall Witnessed Jesus Wonders that Awed!

March 6, 2019

I'm currently on the border of Mexico, in Yuma, Arizona, where last night, I conducted another Supernatural Jesus Seminar where we were able to teach from the WORD, lead in Holy Communion and ministered to those bound by evil spirits. The standing room only crowd were in awe as numerous signs and wonders took place before their eyes. 


The Yuma Civic Hall was spiritually rocking last night as we conducted our meeting. Right next door to us was a loud wedding party --the music thumped and thumped causing some major distractions. On top of that, our hall, featured a display of Native America Indian artifacts that included some witchcraft dolls and idols. I had my hands full. HA! Jesus still prevailed and for many hours we witnessed the spectacular. 


One of those I ministered to was a woman to my far right who had been battling a demon named BAAL for half a year. She sought to destroy it's hold upon her life but found it challenging to expel it. With the help of the Body of Christ, we were able to drive this demonic being out along with many others and she was set free by Jesus. She was so happy afterwards and testified of being free.


One of the highlights of the seminar, was ministering to this young woman, pictured with me above, she came to the meeting, not knowing what to expect. She was shocked as demonic spirits surfaced from within her --demons of death, witchcraft, fear and many others. We called forth the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me in battling the demons. They struck the demons and caused them to submit to the Lord Jesus. Moreover, a inner witch surfaced from within her. She was forced to the touch the cross of Jesus and she, too, submitted and confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord! 


In fact, at one point, the demons were fighting to stay within and I commanded them to submit to the fire of the Holy Spirit --the fire was too much for them and they were greatly weakened! They were weakened to the point of defeat and were expelled along with the inner witches and soul invaders. As this young lady was being set free by God, the jammed packed crowd stood in their authority of Jesus Christ and helped me to rescue this young woman.


At one point, she was supernaturally "caught up" into the Third Heaven and was able to meet Jesus for the first time in the heavenly realms. He had been waiting for her. She was able to embrace Him and then jumped on his back and rode to the Throne Room of God! WOW! This is astounding if you consider what is taking place. Imagine for a moment being spiritually transported to the Third Heaven and meeting the Holy Trinity? This is what we are seeing in nearly every seminar and meeting --individuals are being caught up into Paradise! 


While she was there she was able to drink some heavenly water, slide down a rainbow colored slide, tickled by holy angels and then the best part of all meet ABBA in His Throne Room! Not only was she miraculously healed and freed she was also loved on by the Father and Son! He spoke words of affirmation, love and acceptance. Isn't this beautiful? Can it get any better then this?


After she came back down from the Third Heaven, she testified that even her physical eyes had cleared to the point that she could SEE, without the aid of her glasses, things in the room that previously she could not see. Astonishing Jesus signs and wonders and we give God all the glory and praise. 



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