Explosive Miracle Night in Pasadena: Multiple Souls Caught Up into Heaven!

I'm astonished with what transpired recently, here in Pasadena, California, during our Jesus Church services. It was described, by many, as being explosive, intense, thrilling, strange and miraculous. 

  • Explosive in the sense that many demonic spirits surfaced and fiercely fought!

  • Intense in that we battled many violent and aggressive soul invaders!

  • Thrilling in that we watched on as multiple souls were caught up into the Third Heaven!

  • Strange in that bizarre evil supernaturalism surfaced all night long!

  • Miraculous in that souls were set free, beautifully healed and wonderfully cured by JESUS!


The night started off with some fireworks as a Chinese woman, whom just arrived into the service, perhaps 15 minutes prior (the meeting was well over an hour long at this point), quickly manifested demons as she held unto a Holy Communion cup (the blood of Christ). I began to confront the demons and they screamed out of her and twisted and contorted her body horribly. Many demons surfaced and battled me --along with some inner witches. They were angry at me.


"I hate her, I'm going to kill her," the one witch told me, "I will kill her as I'm jealous of her! I sent her a death curse with the hopes she would die soon!"


Incredible. Mind you, this woman had never attended any of our services before and had no idea about soul invaders --yet within minutes of arriving into the hall, they surfaced with fury. They felt threatened being in the presence of the blood of Jesus! Thankfully, we removed several inner witches within her and expelled many demonic spirits from her life. Then some brokenness surfaced. They were swiftly guided to Jesus for healing. She had some powerful heavenly experiences that greatly encouraged her. 


Soon thereafter, many others in the large spacious ballroom manifested demonic spirits and wicked inner witches. All night long, we battled numerous witches, warlocks and sorcerers that surfaced from within those present in the hall. By God's power, they were defeated and submitted to the cross of Christ!


One family I ministered to was a husband and wife (with their teenagers) who traveled into Pasadena, CA from Las Vegas, NV as they were desperately seeking deliverance and healing. God, in His grace, allowed them to locate our ministry and they attended. They witnessed the astounding works of the Kingdom of God, their teenage children were in awe of the mighty powers of Jesus over the inferior powers of evil. They were also amazed as their own mother began to receive ministry.


Numerous soul invaders (witches and warlocks) surfaced. It's staggering to consider how many soul invaders this woman had. She HAD NO IDEA they were within her. How many of you reading this, I wonder, have this issue too? Probably a vast majority of you thus your need to attend one of our upcoming meetings and seminars. Time is shortening on earth and Jesus' return is coming upon us. Let's redeem the limited time we have on earth to further the works of the Kingdom. Start serving King Jesus NOW!


Thankfully, we were here, ready to serve and rescue --as the demons were commanded into the abyss and many heart parts were located and healed by God. As the heart parts were surfacing, they were being caught up, supernaturally, to the Third Heaven where they met God.


In fact, in the video testimony below, the young lady, was able to share a variety of majestic experiences, she had during her heavenly experience, in God's eternal home. Watch until the end as she describes her surprise that disciples could be caught up into the Third Heaven and encounter God (she previously believed you had to die before one could enter Heaven)! She was beautifully healed, restored and set free from demonic torment. This was, but, only one miracle that took place as we ministered to a crowded hall. Many others encountered the supernaturalism of Jesus --as multiple souls entered the Third Heaven!


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